10 Proven Ways to Save on Travel


loanYou work hard and save money for the day you can get away from it all and take a dream-filled vacation. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your fun in the sun. But if you’re short on funds, getting away to even the next city can be hard. Of course, you can use your car as security for reduced rate car title loans and get cash in one hour. But while searching for tickets and packing your bags, here are some ways to make your money go farther:

  • 1.    Shop competitively online for your tickets. But don’t just check once. Check different days of the week at various times of the day and night. Prices can vary wildly so keep checking. And for the best prices, choose flexible dates.
  • 2.    Instead of sticking with your frequent flyer clubs, check out the newer budget airlines. You might not rack up miles, but you’ll save a ton on tickets.
  • 3.    The prices of different cities and countries also vary widely, so instead of choosing the most popular sites like Paris or Rome, consider countries where you’ll get more for your money.
  • 4.    Once you have a destination and tickets, you have options for cheap accommodation. One is by couch surfing. Find people online who will let you stay on their couch. Fun and a great way to meet new people.
  • 5.    If you do have miles and points chalked up, take advantage of them for free or reduced tickets.
  • 6.    When you land in your destination, check out the cheapest way to see the sites. It could be with a city pass or a 3-day pass or weekly pass that will get you into several places at reduced prices. Do take a look at the sites that are offered, however, and make sure that the pass includes the sites you’re interested in.
  • 7.    Be careful when using ATMs, so you don’t end up paying fees every time you withdraw money. Try to use a card that doesn’t charge a fee.
  • 8.    Download flight apps to your phone that offer last minute deals.
  • 9.    Consider group tours and cruises that offer transportation and accommodation-all inclusive.
  • 10. Instead of going to restaurants while traveling, go into delis or supermarkets and buy ready-made food at a huge savings. Find a park bench and enjoy people-watching while you eating local cuisine.

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