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Business People and Creativity ConceptWhen writing, regardless of whether the content is informative or for entertainment, accuracy is always important. One area where writers often use incorrect information is in writing about the military, particularly when the writer has not been a part of the military themselves. Using military field manuals is a good way for writers to ensure they use accurate information, especially to create credible fiction stories.

Guns and Ammunition

It’s important for writers to use correct terminology when discussing guns and ammunition, but many writers are unfamiliar with both. There is often contradictory information in a lot of books and articles that make accurate details important for an accurate narrative. Field manuals that discuss common guns in use provide helpful information.

Weather-Related Survival

Understanding military survival techniques is not only important for military writers but also helpful for those writing survival stories. Using a field manual that discusses these concepts in great detail may help writers craft accurate stories. Writers seeking to understand how people who live off the land survive can find these manuals a helpful source.

Mountaineering Manuals

Mountaineering is an activity that requires a lot of skill and care. Manuals written about mountaineering have a wealth of helpful details that describe how military members accomplish this task using proven methods. Describing a mission that includes mountaineering, such as a rescue, is easier after becoming familiar with military methods used.

Accurate Descriptions of Threats

Field manuals used by military members can also describe threats faced on the field and situations that may come about as the result of these threats. Writers might find these descriptions helpful not just for military writing, but also in writing crime-related books. For example, a suspense writer might find such descriptions helpful when detailing a character who uses booby traps.

Writing about military-related or military-inspired themes might seem somewhat difficult for writers with a civilian background. However, the right tools that allow writers to put themselves in the position of someone in the service or a survival situation make the writing process much easier all around. A writer without military experience who has the right information can write stories that are entertaining and believable.

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