Hooks for Writing an Essay about World War II


Essay writing seems to be a boring business practically to all students. It is important to mention that academic tasks may be devoted to some serious and terrible things like international military conflicts, for example. To create a good text, you should remember about the audience. So, use various hooks to make a composition more readable and exciting. They can be quotes, interesting facts, and even jokes.


Why use hooks, you might wonder? Everything is quite simple, as hooks add expressivity to your main ideas and show to the reader that your text is worth reading. A hook may involve the audience by creating an intrigue, or may arise interest because of an interesting, unknown fact that induces further reading for self-development. In any way, as a fish hook helps the fisherman to get the catch and feed his family, your hooks may work to your benefit in terms of winning you fame and recognition of the readership, or an A grade from the supervisor.

Examples of Hooks to Use

Hooks are used to attract readers’ attention, that is why it is possible to use them at the very beginning. Here are some of them:

  1. Jokes and anecdotes. Even if you write about such serious thing as World War II, you may use political jokes and anecdotes to take the heat off. For example, the following ones:
  • A little German boy is talking with his old grandfather:

– Grampa, what is the largest city in the world?

– Stalingrad! We could not go over it even after 200 days!

  • Hitler calls Mussolini:

– Benito, aren’t you in Athens yet?

– Excuse me, what? I can’t hear you, Adolf.

– I said aren’t you in Athens yet?

– I can’t hear you. You must be ringing from a long way off, probably London.

So, if you find it appropriate, you may use them or look for some more such jokes in the Internet.

  1. Allusions from literature. Using allusions from texts of famous authors may be suitable in this case. For example, Orwell, in the first chapter of “1984”, gave the allusion to London in the years of World War II: “And the bombed sites where the plaster dust swirled in the air….”. Thus, you can analyze other authors and begin your essay with the collection of similar allusions.
  2. Interesting facts. To make your composition more captivating, you can include different interesting facts in it. The list of facts is given below.
  • There was an unusual military man in the USA Navy. He was… William Hitler, a nephew of the Fuhrer.
  • The majority of Japanese kamikazes were bolos. Only 1 in 9 of suicide pilots hit their targets.
  • Queen Elizabeth II was a mechanic and a driver in the Auxiliary Territorial Service of the British army.
  • The number of people killed by Japanese troops in China is bigger than the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.
  • Canada declared war on Japan even faster than the USA did. It happened immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • The number of Americans killed or wounded while they defended Alaska from Japanese troops is bigger than the number of casualties at Pearl Harbor.
  • Nazi soldiers took methamphetamine to increase their alertness and physical power.

Thus, you may use all these things as hooks to make your text concerning this global military conflict more exciting. However, it is strongly recommended to keep the promise given at the beginning of the story, and if your hook is vivid and involving, do not proceed to a boring narrative right afterwards. The impression is still produced with the entire work, not a hook alone, so all work has to be good for you to get the readers’ acclaim. Otherwise, if you don’t have enough time or find it difficult to describe, you can delegate the assignment to professional authors or use the services of custom essay writing teams who know how to create it perfectly.

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