Looking for a Sound Investment Strategy? Start With Your Future!

fwfwfAre you looking for an investment that can bring a good return on your money, yet be safe enough to give you a sense of security? Why not start with your own future. If you have your bachelor’s degree and are looking for something more in life, you just might want to consider investing in your own future. Why not go for that MBA that will almost assuredly increase your current salary and with a projected growth of 30% during the next decade, you can look forward to a career with a future and huge growth potential.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that many people encounter when considering going for that coveted MBA is how to accomplish it without leaving their fulltime jobs. While you could take evening and weekend courses over a longer period of time, if you are looking for a quicker transition to a higher rate of pay, your best plan of action would probably be to study for your masters in business administration online. In two years or less you can have that degree and immediately qualify for a much higher salary. It may not be at the company where you now work, but the potential is certainly there.

What This Means Initially for Your Career

A couple of years ago, Forbes published findings that were highly researched and which indicated that the difference between a pre-MBA salary and a post-MBA salary was an amazing hike of somewhere between 50% and 60%. This is obviously based on a few factors such as experience and the company doing the hiring, but it’s fairly safe to say that getting that online MBA is well worth the investment of your time, effort and of course money. If you are looking for a sound investment strategy, investing in your own future with an online masters in business administration is a great option. How many investments can almost guarantee you that you will be able to add 50% to your income in just the first year?

Let’s Put That into Numbers

For the sake of an example, let’s make up a starting salary as a pre-MBA professional. We’ll imagine that you are working for $55k a year. Now then, if you immediately upon graduation realize an increase of $20k your earnings would be $100k, but that is at the very, very conservative end of the spectrum. Realistically speaking in today’s market, MBAs start at much higher salaries, but you need to look at the median because there are those who work for smaller organizations that make less than that magic $100,000 mark.

Where could you place your money that you could be almost assuredly guaranteed a $45,000 ROI that kept repeating itself year after year after year? Yes, you’d need to factor in the cost of getting that degree, but the first year’s increase would just about take care of that and from there on out you’d be making clear profit on your investment. Although this is approaching it from the back end instead of from a perspective of the cost of your online MBA degree, but even there you’d find huge returns on your investment which makes more sense than investing in markets that can come tumbling down at any moment in time.

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