How to Get a Job at a Car Dealership

grtgrtwgrWorking at a car dealership is quite a rewarding experience. Car dealership jobs involve extensive human interaction and almost always provide a living wage. In fact, some top-performing car salesmen earn upwards of six figures per year. Getting your foot in the door is half the challenge. Here’s how to do it.

Press the Flesh

Do not submit a resume through e-mail! Filling out an online application probably won’t result in an interview. Instead, walk into the dealership where you would like to work, ask to speak with the hiring manager and hand him your resume or application and have your ID cards available. Smile and introduce yourself. Explain that you are looking to break into the automobile industry. Tell him why you would like to work at that particular dealership. Interacting with the hiring manager in such a face-to-face manner greatly increases the chances of scoring an interview.

If the secretary states the hiring manager is unavailable, do not turn around and go home! Give your resume/application to the secretary. Introduce yourself and explain that you are looking for a job at the dealership. Request that the secretary pass your resume on to the hiring manager. This interaction will make a lasting impression. In turn, the secretary will likely speak highly of you when passing your resume on to the hiring manager.

Study up

Your marketability as a car salesman or for another position at an auto dealership hinges on your knowledge of vehicles. If you have a passion for automobiles and are willing to learn the nuances of particular vehicles down to the very last detail, you will be able to impress the hiring manager during your interview. You might even learn a few things about automobiles and driving by attending a defensive driving course. This course will refresh your knowledge of safe driving strategies and the rules of the road. It will likely lower your auto insurance rate to boot.

A Willingness to Start at the Bottom

Plenty of automobile salesmen start out as cashiers, greeters, cleaners, car detailers, parts runners and other low-level positions. If you are willing to get your foot in the door by performing such menial labor, you will have a chance to rise through the ranks and eventually become a successful salesman. Let the hiring manager know you are willing to perform just about any type of labor to learn the business from the inside. Follow through by showing up on time and working hard. Pay your dues and you will eventually ascend through the ranks of the front office and the sales hierarchy.

Sharpen Your Sales Skills

If you do not have experience working as a salesman, consider taking a professional sales course. There are even sales courses specifically designed for the automobile industry. Some such courses are available online. This formal training will educate you about the entire vehicle-buying process. It will also arm you with the sales skills you need to succeed as a car salesman. If possible, earn a certificate from the National Retail Federation or the National Association of Sales Professionals. Such training and credentials will enhance your resume, boost your credibility and ramp up your confidence as a salesman.


Do not attempt to find a job at a car dealership by surfing the web. Get out of the house and interact with professionals in the automotive industry. Socialize with car dealership employees and managers. Attend conferences, seminars, conventions and other automotive-related social functions so you can interact with industry professionals. Introduce yourself, pass out business cards, pick their brains and find out how they got their start in the profession.


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