Job Positions in Corporations You May Not Be Aware Of

corporate-worldCorporations hire people for a wide variety of positions, and there are some business jobs that you may not be aware exist. Often, when people think of working in corporations, they consider jobs such as administrative assistant, manager or executives. However, there are many other positions available in the corporate world as well.


After graduating from the best paralegal schools, many who hold those degrees think that their only possible employment will be in a law firm or public legal office. However, corporations are hiring paralegals at a growing rate. A paralegal has an extensive understanding of the law so they are able to assist corporate officials with human resources, contract development and due diligence. Although a corporate paralegal may not perform the duties of an attorney, they can conduct research, write reports that will be presented to the company’s legal representative and assist companies in meeting required governmental regulations in their industry.

Wellness Specialists

More and more corporations are including wellness into their company culture. Some have added wellness centers where employees can get information on nutrition, exercise or other health-related information. As more companies begin including fitness centers, the need for wellness specialists that focus on corporate America will also grow. Individuals who understand diet, exercise and overall health may want to consider positions in the corporate world rather than focusing only on health organizations.

Photographer or Videographer

With the explosion of the internet, more companies are seeking ways to reach online customers. YouTube, which is the most popular video sharing website in the world, reaches millions of people each day. Corporations are learning that hiring outside agencies to create videos or photographs to use on their website is growing more expensive, so many have begun hiring employees to create those graphics instead. Corporate photographers and videographers may be responsible for creating graphics related to new products or may create visual arts showing how the company works, events they participate in or highlight specific employees as part of an online marketing campaign.

When seeking employment after graduation from college, high school or if you are simply making a career change, keep in mind that corporations may be hiring for positions that you are qualified for even if their company offers different goods and services than the skills you have. Therefore, be sure to check all types of companies to see whether they are looking for the skillset you have.

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