Workplace Wellness Infographic

wellnessFor many corporate offices, employee health is important for a variety of reasons. First of all, there’s the basic humanitarian concern of reducing health risks and mitigating health problems. In addition, employees tend to be more productive and efficient at what they do if they are in good health. For companies that offer healthcare insurance plans for employees, it’s in their best financial interest to be proactive in preventing employee illnesses as well.

Workplace Wellness infographic

Companies, especially those employing a large number of people or those that involve high-risk work, can benefit from having a third-party organization working towards employee health. For instance, some companies, like Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), offer a variety of services to ensure that employees are healthy. Many of these service are designed not only to prevent sickness, but to promote wellness, too.

In order to maximize employee productivity and minimize healthcare costs for both companies and employees, many of these companies offer on-site wellness screenings. Because many people downplay or ignore early symptoms of potentially serious illnesses, on-site wellness screenings can dramatically decrease healthcare costs by catching early symptoms. In addition, these screenings can help employers to recognize the various health risks faced by employees. Employers can then work to reduce these risks in the workplace. For instance, if multiple employees complain of respiratory difficulties, then it may be wise to look into improving ventilation and/or eradicating mold and other potentially dangerous conditions from the workplace.

Wellness programs can also formally conduct Health Risk Assessments of virtually any sort of workplace. This is especially helpful for newer workplaces with only a short history of worker illness. Rather than waiting for employees to suffer health consequences, new businesses can be proactive and identify potential issues before they become serious.

Though knowledge of risks can be powerful, it’s not nearly as useful if employees don’t take the time to work toward better health on their own. For this reason, many corporate wellness organizations will offer incentive programs for employees to better their health. Though the improved feeling of wellness is enough for many, some employees need an extra push. These kinds of programs help motivate the unmotivated and reward the self-motivated.

Essentially, there are many facets to having a successful business. In pursuit of monetary gain, some companies forget that excellent employee health and wellness is key to success. Corporate wellness companies are here to help boost physical and financial health.

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