Check If Your Property Fits The Land Lease For Hunting Business

If you own a piece of land in a hunting area then you have the amazing possibility of putting together a small business with land leasing. The job is simple and effective as all you have to do is find reliable temporary tenants during hunting season and put together a solid lease.

However, with an increasing number of hunters out there, finding the right type of people might be just a bit of a hassle. Still, before you start looking for hunters to lease your land to, it’s best to take a look in your own backyard and check if your property is actually suited for such an activity. After all, there are properties, on hunting grounds, that won’t offer any advantage over the public domain so hunters won’t feel the need to buy your lease.

Today we will discuss land leasing as a business and we’ll go through the most important criteria so you can see if your property is a viable choice.

The type of game available

If you want your property to be inviting for hunters, you need to make sure the right type of game is available. The number of individuals is also important. The properties that will get you the most profit are the ones that house different game species in abundance. For instance, if your property has deer, turkeys and a pond where wild ducks like to set camp, you can get money out of leases all year long.

That’s why is important to make sure different game species find what they need on your property such as shelter, food, and water. Also, make sure that hunters are not decimating through your game population or spook them away for good. You will most likely want to lease the following year as well and without game, this will be quite difficult.

The size of your property

If you promote your hunting property for rent using local or online platforms, make sure to specify the size of your land. This aspect is very important as many hunters seem to prefer smaller areas and this could be an advantage for you. However, there are hunters who are more inclined to lease larger properties as they will bring a hunting party with them.

Mentioning the size in the ad, will attract only people who are actually interested in leasing properties like yours, not just browsing around.

The work you are willing to put in

If you have the right game and property size, the land leasing for hunting business could actually work quite well for you. However, like any business, it requires some effort from your side as well. For instance, besides maintaining the property and creating the right habitat to attract game, you will also have to take care of marketing.

Even small businesses need to be promoted if you want to have actual customers. When it comes to this type of business, sometimes it happens that hunters will find you. Other times, you will have to look for them by posting ads and working with local agencies.

Once the lease is signed and sealed, you will have to keep in touch with your lessees and make sure they follow all your requirements and specifications. Now, if you feel that all the conditions mentioned here are met, then it’s time to start your own hunting business!

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