Potential Dangers of Working with Electrical Equipment

Electrical EquipmentIf your job requires that you work with electrical systems of various types, you put your life on the line every day that you do work without the proper training. Companies now have the option of offering arc flash safety training to protect their workers in several different ways. They might do on-site training that brings professionals to the job site to show you exactly what to do and what not to do, or they might offer training online or send you home with workbooks to fill out and complete. These training sessions will inform you about all the potential dangers you face daily.

Electrical Burns

One of the more common problems you face is something called an electrical burn. This is especially common among workers who do not wear the proper safety gear, including gloves that protect their hands and facial masks or helmets. An electrical burn may occur because you touch a live wire or because your skin comes into contact with any type of current. You may notice a slight shocking sensation before feeling pain. Electrical burns can take some time to heal and may leave behind scars too.


The biggest danger of working with electrical systems and equipment is the risk of electrocution. Electrocution occurs when your body helps complete the system. This often happens when you stand in a damp or wet spot and touch an electrical wire. The electricity enters your body but then keeps moving through your body because it cannot complete its circuit. If there is no way to stop that electricity, there is a risk that you may lose consciousness and slip into a coma or even die. Proper training teaches you what to do to avoid this type of injury in the workplace.

Other Injuries

Working around electrical components can cause other types of injuries too. When you touch one of those components and feel a shock, you may find yourself jumping back. This can lead to you falling down and hitting your head, which can cause a concussion, but it can also lead to broken or sprained limbs too. Injuries can even occur to those who wear safety gear but wear the wrong type of gear, which is why proper training is so important. Talk with your employer about introducing safety training to help you and your coworkers stay safe at work.

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