What’s Typically Sold at an Industrial Auction?

Industrial-EquipmentWhen you look at a construction site, the amount of machinery occupying your field of view can be staggering to say the least. Could you imagine how much an entire arsenal of construction equipment might cost? Without going into any figures, I am here to tell you that finding affordable construction equipment is not completely impossible.

If you’re looking to get a good deal on industrial equipment, you may want to consider seeing what an industrial auction has to offer. This is especially true if your business requires you to have access to specialized equipment. With that in mind, it may be beneficial to look up any potential industrial auctions in your city or surrounding counties.

Why Does Cost Matter?

Cost is vital when it comes to industrial equipment, primarily because this type of equipment is normally on the expensive end of the spectrum. As a result, most business owners that rely on industrial equipment to provide services have to rent it instead of purchasing it outright. If you’re like most people, you simply don’t have a lot of capital lying around, which can make it difficult to buy new—or even used—industrial equipment. However, industrial auctions are a fantastic opportunity to purchase great-quality equipment, usually for significantly less than what you would pay anywhere else. This type of auction in particular allows buyers access to a reduced prices on used, but excellent-quality industrial equipment.

What Type of Equipment is Sold?

From a generic standpoint, there is a wide assortment of equipment sold at industrial auctions; from the biggest excavators, to the smallest power tools. However, because most auctions have a general theme, the type of equipment you find will vary from auction to auction. For instance, you may find an industrial auction that caters primarily to the farming community, offering equipment such as tractors, fencing equipment, etc.; while another auction may offer a complete line of road-paving machinery. Some will have a larger selection of equipment for sale and others will have a limited supply. With that in mind though, you can normally expect the equipment for sale to cover a wide range of devices. This includes air tools, large bulldozers, cranes, cement mixers, backhoes and ball bearings. You can also get access to compressors, valve checkers, dollies, couplings and anything else in under the industrial equipment umbrella.

How do you find the Most Suitable Auction to fit your Needs?

Being in the construction industry usually means one thing for certain—you have amassed a good deal of important contacts. With that being said, one of the easiest ways to learn about any industrial auctions taking place near you is through the grapevine; in other words, word-of-mouth promotion. Aside from that, you could always take to the internet, utilizing sites like auctionzip.com and Craigslist (the Events, Community, and For Sale sections) to find local auctions based upon your zip code. Last but certainly not least, use traditional means by checking the local paper for any mentions of auctions or sales.

What is the Quality?

The best part about the wide-ranging equipment for sale is that quality always is taken into consideration. The only equipment you will find for sale at industrial auctions will have been picked over with fine-tooth comb to make sure it meets quality standards (unless otherwise stated in the description).

The point you should take away from this—If you’re interested in buying industrial equipment and do not want to pay full price, you should consider attending an industrial auction or two.

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