Desktop Solutions for Businesses

Desktop software for small business must accommodate a sufficient number of users, and if needed a sufficient number of administrator accounts. Customized deployment in large organizations is easier when one can use departmental or sub-unit categories. Shared on-site software must access the Internet on a periodic basis for updating and user account management. With automatic updating, users will not have to wait for update installation, and it can be done without system downtime.


Easy to Install and Easy to Use

Users can install the system and usually without extensive technical assistance. Once installed the operation of the system proceeds along familiar paths since most screens resemble the traditional paper processes. This intuitive approach includes user-friendly interface screen designs. Those without prior accounting experience can quickly gain familiarity and develop a comfort level with the easily understood functions. Professional users will find the right tools for their routine and special tasks in a well-organized array of options.

Medium Sized Business Accounting Solutions

The best software for small business such as the ones from replaces cumbersome and time-consuming paper processes with streamlined and automated processes. Well –crafted software for small business is easy to use, it should resemble the familiar elements found in paper forms and offer intuitive controls. True ease of use must include those with or without significant accounting backgrounds. Companies can automate fundamental tasks like tracking receivables and payables for up to date regular status reports and day to day management control. They can track and process tax and payroll functions either from a central or unit based approach. Larger companies can manage sales and inventory. Managers can keep close tabs on current jobs and projects. Managers can configure nearly every paper form used for customer accounts and internal management for automatic data collection and processing.

Flexible and Versatile Products

For businesses of any size, Sage offers flexible and versatile products that meet generally accepted accounting procedures. Reports and presentations are an important part of modern business. They are critical to every day management but also to the long term growth of a business. Financing and investment are vital aspects of success and business growth. In the current economic environment, there has been a tremendous growth in alternative financing for businesses including receivables financing. Current and accurate reports that one can compile to meet lender requirements add flexibility to any business.

A Solution for Every User

Sage One and Sage 50 offer complete accounting solutions for small businesses to medium size businesses of any stage of development or level of organizational complexity. Sage One is ideal for startups and small businesses with basic accounting needs. The online access accommodates use by remote users, team efforts, and collaboration with tasks and projects. With online access from anywhere on the Internet, mobile devices can keep managers in touch with current activities and status. With a dynamic focus on invoice management, this is a complete customer relations management service. The unlimited number of users and continuous online access, this software will improve productivity and permit a maximum focus on the main business of the company.

Advanced Options for Developed Organizations

Sage 50 is a collection of software and services for small and medium sized businesses. This line of software for small business follows on the Peachtree line of products. It offers enhanced support services, flexible and intuitive user interface and a strong line of highly specialized applications. It provides the best possible fit with a business or organization’s goals. With adjustable user accounts, shared software in an enterprise environment or network is an ideal approach.

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