How to Keep Your Business and Its Data Secure

keyDigital thieves are constantly on the lookout for businesses to hack and data to steal, so it’s vital that you have security protocols in place to protect not only your business, but also your customers’ data. The information stolen from a business could be used to set up credit cards, hack bank accounts, or it could be sold to a third party. If you want to keep your business data protected, read on for some simple tips that will help you do just that.

Educate Your Staff

It sounds simple, but your staff are actually the first line of defense your business has against cyber criminals, so it’s vital that they are aware of the things they can do to minimize data theft. Encourage them to read more about data protection on blogs like you can find here, and educate them about the things they can do to minimize human error. You’d be surprised by how many data security breaches are caused accidentally by staff.

Use Different Passwords

You’ve heard it said time and time again, and it’s for a good reason. It’s vital to use different passwords for every part of your business. Otherwise, if a hacker gains access to one password protected account, they will be able to gain access to every part of your business. Make sure that you don’t write your passwords down – instead memorize them. And ensure they’re strong and cannot be easily guessed by any encryption software.

Do a Security Audit

If you don’t know which parts of your business aren’t secure, you can’t secure them properly. So hire a company to conduct a security audit for you. An IT professional will be able to look at your network, computers, and external devices to ensure that everything is operating as securely as possible.

Encrypt Your Data

Encryption is a great tool and something that should be utilized by businesses of all sizes. When encryption software is in place, it makes it hard for hackers to access the data that they have managed to find. Encryption is not just for computers, either. It can be used on USB thumb drives, hard drives, any portable devices you have, and is the ideal form of extra protection.

Back Up Everything

While security is important, if you don’t back everything up, if an attack happens you will lose everything. So make sure to back up all data, and set software up to back up your data daily. This way, if anything does happen to your servers you should be able to reinstall it with little stress.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and it’s something that many companies struggle with on a daily basis. By keeping the above tips in mind, you can reduce the chance of it happening to you.

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