What is an Invoice Template?


InvoiceA receipt is an acknowledgment of a transaction. When someone pays money for buying, renting or obtaining a good or property then the transaction must be recorded. A free invoice template helps establish the fact that such a transaction took place.

It acts as a legal proof that can be used in the court of law if ever there is a dispute between the buyer and the seller. Each industry, business or profession requires its own specific type of receipts for different purposes. Some businesses find it difficult to know what type of receipt they should issue to their customers or clients. A receipt template helps solve this problem.

This type of template can be used to design custom receipt. First of all, the template has fields to name both entities that are getting into the deal. Some templates have only the issuer’s name. The date field is used to denote the day the transaction took place.

The main body in the middle of the receipt has fields to provide various details about the goods and its prices. There are fields for writing the type and number of items being sold, the price of each item, and total cost of each category of items being sold. A seller may sell different types of items at the same time. Prices and total costs of each type of items being sold can be written in the specified fields in a single receipt.

The next fields are used to total the number of items being sold and the cost of the transaction. In the end, there is a field for the seller to acknowledge the transaction. The issuer has to sign and/or put the seal of the company to indicate finalization of the deal.

A receipt is a final proof that money was received by the seller and goods were received by the buyer. Depending on specific requirements, a business can make some changes in the receipt template to suit specific sales needs. There is no need to spend money designing a receipt. Now there are free receipt templates that have all the fields and details. Such templates are available for all types of receipts.

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