Why You Must Keep Your Antivirus Software Up to Date

graphWe live in a world where man and machine live side by side. Everything we do is dependent to some degree on computers. This is why it is also very important to make sure your computer systems run properly and that they are very healthy and fast running. This is likely to be particularly true for your work. If you do not have a security program in place, it is likely that you will encounter some significant difficulties. However, you shouldn’t just install the best 2016 antivirus program, you should also make sure it is always up to date. These programs, if properly updated, will make sure that your computer doesn’t become corrupted with viruses.

Features to Look for

There are many different virus scanning companies and programs out there, and all of them have different methods for updating their software. You have to make sure that you know what these methods are so that you can find the antivirus software that works best for you. Generally, there are two ways to update, which are automatic and manual. Automatic is usually best, because it means you don’t have to think about it. However, manual is believed to be more secure and slows down your system less. Hence, it is all about figuring out what works best for you.

Some of the options that exist for antivirus updates include:

  • Update using option. This means that you can update your program at the end of your subscription period. At this point, you will be asked to select one of the options that are available to you. Generally speaking, you will only be able to use the option update if your program has actually been disabled, and you will have to make a payment before it will work.
  • Update through authorized website. This means that you navigate to the website of your supplier in order to download any updates. You will need to show that you have a license to actually download the updates. If not, you will have to purchase a license first. However, there are some free antivirus programs out there as well, and these often use authorized website updates, thereby encouraging you to see the other programs they have available (at a cost) as well.

Updating your antivirus program manually is not recommended. However, a lot of people prefer it and feel that they are committed enough to actually update it regularly. If that sounds like you, then the procedure tends to be as follows:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of your program download and installed on your computer.
  2. Run the setup of the file, following all the instructions on the screen.
  3. Find your settings and look for the update option.
  4. Click on update and allow for the download.
  5. Open the download and install it on your computer.

While this works, it is all too easy to miss an important download or update this way. With good antivirus programs, people are actually working on making sure it can target the latest viruses, which means you should repeat this procedure constantly.

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