3 Under-the-Radar Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

Many businesses are like icebergs in that most people only get to see a small portion of them. Indeed, whether your company operates as an ecommerce store or through brick-and-mortar locations, consumers may only encounter a small section of your organization when they make a purchase. Because of this, there are many under-the-radar ways that businesses can improve the customer experience that the average consumer may not directly notice. Today, we’ll focus on that exact subject and explain how your business can make low-key, but vital enhancements. Check them out here:

Faster Order Fulfillment

Have you ever had to wait weeks –– or even months –– for an online order to arrive at your home? If so, then you know just how frustrating that experience can be. The good news is that progressive businesses can make many behind-the-scenes alterations to improve the order fulfillment process. First, partnering with a logistics company can help eliminate inefficiencies. What’s more, you may consider looking for new warehouses to store your products. And you can even integrate order fulfillment tasks within certain ecommerce systems through POS devices. While customers may never know anything about these backroom changes, they’ll certainly appreciate faster deliveries!

Hire More Staff

It may seem relatively simple, but bringing on more employees should help your company address consumer concerns more effectively. Note also that you don’t have to simply hire customer support professionals to improve customer experiences. Rather, hiring more IT professionals, more warehouse workers, and even more maintenance staff can all improve the image and performance of your organization.


Even if you hire the best employees on the job market, mistakes are still bound to happen from time to time. On the other hand, automated tools don’t make typos or forget to log orders. In fact, automating different aspects of your company can free up time for your employees to focus on their most pressing tasks. Consider also that certain automated tools like chatbots can respond to consumers 24/7/365. Lastly, automation can work for businesses across industries. For example, companies like Amitech Solutions offer RPA services for organizations in the healthcare field. Regardless, though, your business will likely be able to find a tech company that can specifically help you become more automated and efficient.


The best part about adopting any of the above strategies is that they each can save your company money! Of course, saving money through these processes should allow you to take care of your customers by passing on the savings to them! At the end of the day, there are myriad ways to make customers feel valued. So make sure you’re thinking about the customer experience whenever you make big decisions around the office.

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