Is Inbound Customer Support A Necessity Post Pandemic?

The recent pandemic impacted businesses throughout the world and almost everyone was impacted in some or the other way. Now, businesses around the world are making their best efforts to keep their existing customers happy to ensure business continuity. Amongst other things like giving discounts and offers to customer, Inbound customer support has a huge role to play in that effort.

There are many factors that contribute to customer satisfaction, however the service provided by the company is probably the most important aspect. Inbound customer service call centers (or nowadays contact centers) have always played an important role in ensuring that the customers are kept happy and loyal. Inbound Customer Service has even more important role to play as business across the globe are trying to increase their revenue and customer base after losing almost a year to the pandemic.

Let’s look at a few reasons why inbound customer Support is mandatory for businesses post pandemic:

Your Brand Is Known By Its Service

Inbound call center is the first and primary touch point for your existing customers. Your company’s overall brand image completely depends on how your customer service OR technical support handles your customers calling in. Good Customer experience can not only help you with positive reviews and word-of-mouth publicity, but it also reduces the doubts for the ones who probably did not have that good experience with you in the first attempt. Plus, the publicity adds more customers which in turn means more business.

Range Of Different Service Requirements

Inbound call centers can handle a variety of tasks including order processing, to helpdesk to technical support to customer care to retention etc. With this large variety of tasks handled by your inbound call center staff, you can actually focus in growing the business and adding more customers instead of worrying about losing the existing ones.

Customer Satisfaction Largely Depends On Availability Of Service

Imagine if a customer calls you support center and end up waiting for 15 minutes before they can connect with some to talk to. Plus, if the customer service rep is not able to resolve the issue, it adds up to the frustration.

The ease of access to your Inbound call center services is one of the key factors for any customer to trust your brand. If your service is quick and efficient, customers are more likely to stick with you even if they have few issues that may come from time to time.

While every business must make efforts to improve the quality of their call center reps, it’s the availability of service that can many times be a deal breaker.

Customer Retention Means More Business

It is said that it is 70% more expensive to get a new customer than retaining an existing one. While a business may make their best efforts to gain new customers, it’s the existing customers that provide business stability and continuity. Plus, you add more customer through referrals from existing customers without adding much cost if you keep them happy.

While setting up an in-house Customer service team may be expensive as it requires a heavy investment on real estate, infrastructure, and call center software, partnering with a reliable Virtual Team for your Inbound call center services can help you capitalize of the benefits. Virtual teams like ITCube BPM which are based offshore will have the infrastructure and staff (in most cases) already in place to support your requirements. This way you can get started quiet quickly without investing a lot of cost to it.

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