5 Fantastic Ideas to Make Your Rental Property More Attractive to Families

abandoned-houses-3It is generally known among landlords that the most reliable income stream comes from families, which is why many landlords would prefer them in their properties. Unfortunately, not all properties are immediately suitable for this Holy Grail of tenants. However, that is not to say that you cannot make your property more attractive to them. Here are a few tips that will help you make your property seem like the perfect choice for tenants who come to view it.

Make It Look Bigger

Families need space; so make sure you maximize the space in your property. Use a light coloured paint scheme to increase the illusion of space, and keep furniture to a minimum. The furniture you choose should be to the scale of the rooms, so avoid big clumpy pieces and move them away from walls. Your flooring should be the same between rooms to make them appear to flow into each other, and use mirrors to reflect the space the rooms have. There are many other ways to give the illusion of space, so try to use as many as possible

Add a Bedroom

If you are going to increase the floor space of the property; add a bedroom. This will give the opportunity for bigger families or those who plan to have children. If you have an attic space, this can be an easy enough option, though you may need to strengthen beams or replace them. The easiest way to do this would be using a specialist like Cannonsteelsltd.co.uk, who will supply made to measure beams very quickly. The basement is another easy way to add a bedroom, but extending into the garden may not be the best idea, unless yours is very large, as families tend to find gardens attractive.

Install a Decent Kitchen

Singles and couples may often eat out, and not need a great kitchen, but families tend to eat at home and will need one. The better the kitchen is equipped, the more impressive it will look to a potential tenant. So make sure you have a modern, clean kitchen they can use, and equip it with good quality appliances

Make It Child-safe

According to National Health Service, there were over 2 million accidents involving children in the home in the UK last year alone, which emphasizes what a major concern it can be for a family; so highlight everything that adds to their safety. Any glass should be toughened glass; fire alarms should be fitted along with window locks, furniture (if supplied) should be soft and yielding. Nonslip flooring in a bathroom and units that are secured to the wall are also a great way to show off your home as a child-safe zone.

Maintain the Garden

Kids love to be outside, and parents know this; so give them the opportunity. Any garden space you have should have a well maintained lawn that will provide a play area, and you should have a child-safe fence fitted all the way around with a lockable entrance. Any water features should be removed or filled in, and a shed should be supplied to store any garden equipment; and it needs to be lockable. The garden may well be as important a selling point as the house itself; so make sure it is fit for purpose.

You may not want to invest in the reconstruction of your property, or you may not have a garden space to use, but there should be at least one idea here that will help you make your property more attractive to the families you want to rent it. Good luck

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