How to choose the right fence for your horses

One of the most important elements when putting a horse facility is deciding the type of fence for your horses. When you are looking for fencing materials for your horses, you should put some factors into consideration to ensure you get the right fence for your farm. You can use so many types of fence options for your outdoor riding arena fencing, and pasture turnout fencing. Not all fence types are suitable for your horse arena riding area.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a horse fencing type:


When choosing a fence for your horse arena, it is essential to consider visibility. Horses are prone to run to the fence at high speed if the ground is slippery and damp. It can cost you a lot if the fence is damaged or horses injured. The horse arena fence should be visible to the horses so that they can keep away from it. Also, a more solid such as PVC or wood will keep the horses from trying to jump over the fence. It is important to put a fence that the horses can see for safety purposes if you are keeping jumping horses or training beginners how to ride. Ensure the level of horse fences visibility is high if you are dealing with young horses.

Harmless upon contact.

There is a high chance that a rider or a horse will come into contact with the fence on some occasions. When selecting a fence for your horses, you should select a fence that cannot harm the horses once they come in contact with it. PVC panel fences can be a good choice as they are harmless and they can help your horses or the riders to avoid serious injuries. Wood fences can be harmful. They can break into pieces harming your horses and the rider.


When looking for your horse fences, ensure you select a highly durable fence. Your riding area will last for many years; hence you will need a fence that will also last with fewer maintenance needs. Wood fencing requires painting and repairing now and then. Flexible vinyl rails will also require regular tightening. PVC panels are durable and need less maintenance compared to wood. However, the panels can become loose and come out easier than other teepees of fencing materials.

Gate ease of use.

You need to install a gate at your arena that you can easily open from inside and outside. It should keep your horses secure. The gate should be large enough and easily allow your riders and horse to pass through it. Also, it needs to swing easily. If you have more than one gate, ensure one of them is large enough to allow machinery like tractors and other vehicles to enter and get out of your horse farm.


It is important to consider the cost when building a fence for your horses. Since fencing is one of the expensive projects when setting a horse farm and arena, you should ensure you choose a fence that matches your budget. Determine what you need for your fencing now and what can wait if you are on a tight budget.

You should consider the maintenance costs of the fence you choose as they will affect your money expenditure in the future. Suppose a specific type of fence you need is expensive when buying the fencing materials and has high maintenance costs; in that case, you need to consider other fencing materials. Do not choose fencing materials that you can barely afford.

Type of horses on your farm.

One of the important considerations to make when choosing a fence for your horses is the type of horses you contain on your farm. The type of fencing for two young colts will vary from the type of fencing you should put for two retired quarter horses broodmares. Each horse breed will require a different fence from another breed. The mares will be more excited to have a less resilient fence with adequate water, forage, and shade. The colts will need a more extensive fence with safety considerations.

Bottom line.

When choosing a horse fence, you should consider visibility to ensure your horses see it and keep away from it. You should choose durable fence materials and also consider your budget when selecting a horse fence. Also, consider the type of horses on your farm when choosing a fence for your horses. You should look for professionals to install your horse fence if you cannot do it independently.

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