Benefits of Having a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate

rfttwPeople generally ask:

  • Is PMP worth putting efforts?
  • Am I going to get a good job after PMP?

Well, yes to both questions. PMP certification is a golden key given to the project managers by PMI. It is globally recognized and highly valued certification, based on PMBOK credentials. None can deny the fact that it plays a key role in building your credibility and allowing you to charge a high.

Should I go for PMP certification?

Of course, you should. To become a successful project manager, PMP certification is a must. It lets you learn to manage a team well, to assure timely and quality delivery of the projects, to accomplish projects within the given budget and ensure it is all done by Project Manager. This PMP certification training costs around US$744 and earns you way more than this.

Why PMP?

Project management is all about maintaining strategies and taking proper measures by organizing, analyzing, executing. To accomplish any project successfully, team devotes a lot and for this, team management is the primary key.

Benefits of PMP

There are several benefits of having a PMP certificate and all PMP aspirants should be aware of these before taking the test, as it can motivate them to perform better. Here are the major benefits, which come along PMP:

  1. PMPs has higher employment rate

Considering the increasing demand of project managers in every country and sector, various organizations in India and abroad are hiring PMPs for their project management.

A recent survey done by PMI says an average of 20%, number of positions available for project managers is to be filled every year. From the best of the Google’s knowledge, there are 6 million active PMP certified serving in more than 110 countries worldwide. So basically, securing a PMP certification will readily increase job prospects every year.

  1. Commands Higher Pay than Non-Certified.

Companies seem willing to pay for that level of expertise that the job seekers possess. So if the job seeker is talented enough, he is most likely to get the desired job. However, PMP certified are getting 20 % high salary than over non-certified project managers. In one of the surveys it was observed that average annual salary of certified PMPs is 17 lakhs.

  1. Bettered Network and Hence, the Reach!

Having PMP certification will allow you to be in touch with other PMP certified. This networking can be utilized to secure a better job. It will help you to learn new and innovative tactics of planning and implementation for the best outcome.

  1. Helps You Train Others & Evaluate Potential Employees

A PMP certifies had sailed in the same boat in which the future PMPs are going to travel, so he is well aware of the shortcoming and ways to resolve them. So, he can definitely teach valuable skills and tools of project management to the novice of the same field. By giving special training to other members he can evaluate and suggest measures of improvement to his potential team members.

  1. You’ll Gain Valuable Experience

While working in pleasant or nasty situations, PMPs would become corrigible enough to work which will definitely enhance their working potential. This quality of PMPs will help them to gain experience on how to handle complex project problems.

  1. PMP from PMI

It’s not only about having project management certification but also having it from the PMI. If you have it from PMI then it will increase your value and authenticity. It will act as an influential factor on recruiter’s part, to decide whether you are in or not.

What Else?

By gaining PMP certification you can start your career with moderate or high- paid job depending on your tendency and certification. With hard work, proper investment of time and money and PMP certification training you would clear PMP certification exam which will prove itself as a door opener for you.

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