Forecasting for Growth and Success

Alta Bates Imaging CenterAs a business owner, you know that running your business takes commitment and attention to details in planning, marketing, and financing. It’s important to focus on future business and growth as well as present operations. Business forecasting and planning are critical for continued success.

Strategic Thinking

If you own or manage a business, strategic thinking is an important skill. It requires you to visualize your ideal outcome for your business, then focus on a path that will create that result. You must learn how to make your business vision a reality by developing a solid plan of action that includes critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. Strategic thinking is also an essential skill to help you confront and make changes to your business plan when problems or roadblocks occur. As you develop a strategic vision for your business, you must plan for growth and expansion that may include more employees, larger facilities, and financial resources to support future growth.

Marketing Plan

A solid marketing plan is essential for your business. It will keep you focused on your business vision and your scheduled time frame to achieve your goals. A good marketing plan should give you a path for growth, an understanding of your target market, how to reach that market, and how to set your business apart from your competition. A solid marketing plan takes preparation, time and money, so you need to spend your marketing funds wisely and stay on budget. If you don’t have the funds to hire a professional marketing firm or an in-house marketing staff, check for available resources in your area that can help you develop a marketing plan and budget.

Financing Growth

As your business grows, you may need additional financial resources to cover expenses for new employees, a larger office or warehouse, increased inventory, new equipment, and various other business essentials. For many businesses, a business loan or line of credit is often a good option. A line of credit with accounts receiveable factoring, established by leveraging your account receivables, is often a good way to finance business growth and manage day-to-day cash needs. The process is simple, and you could receive up to 90 percent of the receivable within 24 to 48 hours. A loan or line of credit with low financing costs and fees can easily be set up to meet your business cash flow needs.

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