Hong Kong Office Rental Tips: Picking the right location and the right building to setup your office

sdfqefcPicking the perfect office location to establish your business in Hong Kong is not an easy task. Successfully balancing the needs of location, space, cost and convenience is challenging. Before starting your search, make a list of the must-have requirements and the nice to haves. Once these have been outlined you will be in a far better position to move forwards.

Your requirements are known, what next?

  1. Location

Finding the rightoffice for rent in Hong Kongcan make or break a business, so leave aside plenty of time to complete your search. Consider whether the area is safe, well networked, and convenient for staff and business visitors. Bus, cycle, automobile and other public transport networks should be easily accessible.

Consider whether the amenities in the local area for both business visitors and staff. It is nice for staff to have local lunch options, and be able to run errands on their break. They will also benefit from any potential green spaces and the overall attractiveness of the district. If the area is trendy, younger staff may consider your business forward looking and aspirational. This must be offset against the increased cost of the most appealing Central Business Districts (CBDs).

  1. Building Requirements

Security in the building is also important. Ensure staff, computers, safes and business documents are going to be protected. A 24-hour desk presence is an absolute must, and the building’s manager should give you every assurance he can guarantee the safety of you, your staff and property.

Be sure to check if there is any disruption planned. Forthcoming building works can be detrimental to your working environment, with noise and dust disrupting productivity. Some maintenance work is inevitable but you must interrogate this area thoroughly in advance.

  1. Out of hours

Your office space needs to be flexible to your demands. If you need conference calling at 3 a.m., you must be able to do so.

  1. Test it out

fweqrfwThink about ‘trying on’ your office space. Is there enough space for the employees you presently have and those you wish to employ in the near future? There is a lot of property for rent in Hong Kong; there is no need to have either too much or too little space. Also check that any big complex computer systems and screens can be accommodated.

Your office space in Hong Kong must fit your business with all requirements. It’s imperative to think about how the business works and the elements and space it needs to grow and mature. Never rush a decision and if you have any doubts then step back and reconsider. Also be sure to consider about the length of term on thecommercial leaseand investigate all options.

JLL Propertyhas years of experience in finding the perfect office location for a variety of businesses. In this complex and challenging market we will be pleased to help you find your new office space.

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