How to Juggle Your Home Business While Moving

rfeferfterwFor anyone, a move to a new location whether out of town or across the country can bring on a field of mixed emotions. But, when you work from home the situation can become even more difficult. It doesn’t matter if you work on a computer or out of your garage, coordinating the move so that your downtime is limited is of the utmost importance. The good news is that there are ways to achieve a successful move.

Hiring movers to pack and move your belongings

If you need to move quickly and can’t afford to spend time packing up boxes and loading and then unloading again once you reach your destination, hiring professional movers can help you to avoid lengthy interruptions. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend an enormous amount of money either. If you shop around and check the rates of companies likeAllied Van Lines, you can guarantee to get the best prices. If you don’t have the luxury of planning your move in the off seasons, you can still save money by scheduling your move during the week. Make sure to get at least three written estimates and then compare everything from the amount of cargo and boxes to the gas.

Opt for a professional cleaning company

Whether you are currently renting or own your home, once the place is empty you will need to do a full-scale cleaning. This can consume a day or two depending on the size of your residence. Professional cleaning companies have a system and a staff in place to cover a basic surface cleaning to an entire home scrubbing. Most times they can go through a home is less than half a day, saving you valuable time. If your expenses are already at their limit, you can solicit the help of family and friends. Many of them will be happy to assist especially if you are moving out of state.

Pack your supplies up separately and leave ahead

When you work from home every minute that you don’t work is a loss of income. If you can’t afford to lose 2, 3 or possibly a week due to a pending move, you could pack your supplies up separately and take only these items yourself. This way you’ll only have the travel time and you won’t have to wait for the items to get packed, loaded and then unloaded before you can work again. If you work from home on a computer, you could also opt for flying to your new home and this way you would only lose maybe a day.

Not schedule any work for this week

If you’ve planned your move in advance then you have the luxury of knowing when you will need to pack, clean and move. This gives you the added opportunity of also letting your customers know in advance that you will be away and unable to accept any work or new orders. If you have a shop online or a presence on social media you can post that you will be away for the week. This way you won’t lose out on a business and you’ll be able to do the move stress-free.

Setting up your home office

Your home office is your bread and butter. As important as the move is, you also need to have everything ready to go on the other end. This means your internet, cable and electric all need to be fully operational when you arrive. Check with the realtor that sold you your residence to find out the names of the local service providers and then get their rates. Once you have the information make sure that there are no delays. Sometimes while the price might be good it may take a week or two to get someone out to install the service.

Unfortunately as wonderful as it is to work from home and create your own hours, the downside is that time is always of the essence. But with careful planning or by hiring the right companies you can move on time and avoid any costly downtime.

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