Improve the Air Quality in Your Workplace

tired-businessmanMaintaining a clean and healthy work environment is important for all of your employees, clients, and customers, no matter what industry you work within, what type of environment you work in, or what type of business you operate. Are you unsure of how exactly to improve the air quality in your workplace? Then continue reading to learn a few tips.

Keep the Workplace Clean

By keeping your workplace surfaces clean, you can improve the air quality as well. Hiring a cleaning service that can come into your place of business at least several days out of the week is important, as they can help clean all the floors and surfaces so that dust and other contaminants don’t accumulate and lead to poor indoor air quality.

Use Industrial Vacuums

The use of industrial vacuums is one way to dramatically improve the air quality in your workplace, especially if you operate a facility that becomes very polluted as a result of machinery or manufacturing. These products are actually systems that work continuously to clean and improve the quality of the air in your workplace, collecting even the finest particles so you don’t end up breathing them in.

Make Your Workplace a Smoke-Free One

One of the easiest and quickest ways to improve the indoor air quality of your workplace is by simply not allowing smoking to occur inside the building. Smokers can instead take breaks and head outside whenever they need to have a cigarette. This will keep the air clean and fresh, and it will also prevent non-smokers from becoming uncomfortable as a result of second-hand smoke in the room.

Prevent the Growth of Mould

Mould is one of the most common, and sometimes most dangerous, causes of indoor air pollution, so prevent it from occurring by maintaining moisture levels inside your facility at a range of 30-50%. This humidity level will prevent the growth of various types of mould and allergens. To keep the humidity stable, use heating systems that will dry the air, add a humidifier to your space or the whole building, and use the air conditioner.

Allow for Plenty of Ventilation

In addition to keeping the humidity level steady so that mould doesn’t grow, you should also ensure that there’s plenty of ventilation throughout your workplace. Whenever the weather permits, open the windows to allow some fresh air to enter and circulate any stagnant air. You can also install fans and ventilation systems with air purifying filters so you can enjoy cleaner air throughout the day.

Identify Pollutants

To ensure you’re really purifying your air, you may want to test it for contaminants. This will help you identify the pollutants you’re dealing with and find the appropriate solutions. You can test for things like formaldehyde, lead, mould, radon, and VOCs.

If you take some simple steps to improve the indoor air quality of your workplace, everyone will feel better and become more productive, and they’ll also stay healthier because they won’t be breathing in harmful contaminants that can do damage to the body in the long run.

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