Is Your Workplace Really Safe?

As a business owner, you want to be certain that your workplace is safe for all of your employees, as well as your customers and clients. This will help prevent accidents and injuries, as well as health conditions, that can lead to lawsuits. But how can you really be sure that your place of business is truly safe for everyone who enters and works there?

Is There Asbestos in Your Building?

In the past, many buildings were constructed using asbestos before it became clear that loose asbestos particles that are inhaled could lead to cancer. If your building is made of asbestos, you should take care to ensure none of the material is actually broken or loose.

In the event that it does become damaged, you need to remedy the problem right away by shutting down your business and hiring professionals, such as asbestos removal in Montreal, to eliminate the asbestos and replace it with newer, safe materials. In fact, some business owners may even choose to be proactive and remove asbestos completely before it becomes an issue.

Are You Protecting Your Workers’ Bodies from Harm?

In addition to injuries that can occur from falls and from using dangerous machinery, your employees can even become injured from sitting at a desk for long periods of time. One of the ways to prevent body strain and injuries is by providing your workers with ergonomic chairs and desks that are suitable for sitting for extended periods while keeping the body in alignment, including the wrists to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Also, give your employees the opportunity to take plenty of breaks and walk around throughout the day so that they aren’t sedentary and they can get the blood flowing, especially in the legs. You can even purchase desks that allow workers to stand while they work. No matter what solutions you decide upon, though, the key should be your employees’ comfort.

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Pure Enough?

Indoor air quality is important for the health of your workers, so install air purification systems, hire a cleaning crew, and make sure you get plenty of ventilation. Keep humidity levels low to prevent the growth of mould, and don’t allow employees to smoke indoors. All of these steps will create a cleaner, fresher work environment and your employees can literally breathe easier.

Maintain the Grounds Outside Your Building

In addition to ensuring the interior space of your workplace is clean and organised to prevent employee injuries, you should also take steps to maintain the exterior of your building and the grounds themselves. For example, make sure any damage to the concrete in your parking lot is fixed as soon as possible to prevent falls. And when snowstorms hit, be sure to have maintenance crews thoroughly clean the area of all the snow and ice as well.

Maintaining a safe work environment is key to your employees’ wellbeing, but it will also save you money from having to deal with lawsuits when people get hurt.


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