International Travel Safety Strategies for Business Owners on the Go

furniture,travel,design-f7829a190d6842fde25eb97254c27104_hYour personal safety should always be an important consideration when you are planning an international trip, and although some destinations are clearly more volatile than others, there are a number of rules that are applicable wherever you happen to be in the world.

A firm like, who have a practice in Providence, are regularly being asked to handle personal injury claims arising out of incidents at home and abroad, so here are a few safety strategies that you might want to consider if you want to enjoy an incident-free trip.

Preparing for your trip

Security and safety begins at home before you set off for your business trip.

Make sure that you leave a comprehensive itinerary with your office and your family, including details or copies of important travel documents, passport details and other information that you might need to call upon in an emergency.

If someone back at home has details of your planned movements, they can check in at various times to make sure that you have managed to get where you said you would be without incident.

Make sure you tell your credit card company that you are going abroad, so that there is not a problem with your account being suspended due to potential fraud, which is often their assumption when you start using the card abroad without notice.

Local knowledge

It can often help to avoid a potential incident if you take the time to familiarize yourself with some basic local laws in the country you are traveling to.

Learning a few simple customs and words of the local language such as please and thank you, will get you a long way for a small effort, as it it is always appreciated and can help to avoid offending anyone, if you are trying to break down cultural and language barriers, in albeit a token way.

Choose your hotel wisely

The location and safety profile of your intended hotel are definitely important, so choose wisely.

Check whether the hotel has a specific security department and whether they have a specific safety policy for guests. Most of the major hotel chains are likely to tick these boxes to a certain extent, so you might decide that this aspect is a key factor, especially in some countries where security is major consideration.

Try to find a hotel that is near to the venue you are attending if you are going to a business conference, as this will not only be more convenient, it will also reduce the need to use public transport or travel through areas where an overseas traveler could prove vulnerable.

These are just a few points to consider, and the main advice is generally to apply some common sense and a level of awareness and anticipation of potential issues, before they have the chance to spoil your business trip.

International business travel can be very rewarding and should also be trouble-free most of the time, provided you have a robust security strategy that you deploy every time you head for the airport.

Niamh Pritchard travels at least once a month on business matters. Over the years she has learnt how to keep calm and safe, when things go wrong. She shares her tips in her articles.

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