Tips On How To Stay Safe During Short And Long Commutes For Business Purposes

ftgt35Whether you are traveling short or long distances on a daily basis, you will still face many dangers. Believe it or not, highway traffic and other factors can put drivers at risk. Most drivers become so comfortable with driving the same route day in and day out that they do not give much thought to these risks. However, it is always in your best interest to be aware take whatever precautions necessary to stay safe. Below, you will discover several tips on how to stay safe during short and long commutes.

Be Insured

Business owners that provide in-home services to consumers will definitely need to carry auto insurance. Every vehicle that is put on the highway and driven by an employee should be covered under a decent insurance policy. Yes, auto insurance can be extremely expensive, but many insurers will offer business owners, who have a lot of service vehicles discounts. No matter how much it costs you to insure each of your service vehicles, you need to pay it, because a motor vehicle accident without insurance coverage could cost you your business and other assets.

Encourage No Cell Phone Use 

Today, people are connected their cell phones and other portable devices almost 12 hours a day. It is no wonder that they refuse to give the devices up for just the time that it takes to drive from the office to the work site. You should compose a policy that prohibits workers from utilizing a cell phone, while driving. If an incoming call is received, the workers should pull off to the side of the rode prior to answering it. Of course, you will always a few workers that will refuse to obey these regulations, but this should not prevent you from protecting your own best interests.

Place signs in the service vehicles above the sun visor and on the dashboard, so the driver will be reminded to not utilize the phone. Over time, all of your workers will become accustomed to the practice and no longer find an issue with the “no cell phone” policy. Also, prohibit texting, because it is just as dangerous.

Routine Drug Tests

No one wants to think of their workers driving under the influence of alcohol, opiates or illegal drugs. This is a common problem that service providers have to deal with, especially when hiring teenagers and people with a history of alcohol or drug use. The only way to ensure that your workers are not driving while intoxicated is to conduct routine drug testing. The key is drug test without notice, so the workers will be caught off guard. If the test renders a negative result, you will be able to have more confidence in the driver. However, if it comes back positive for a scheduled drug or opiate, you will need to fire the worker or offer them drug rehab.

Turn On Headlights

Many new vehicles are equipped with running lights that stay on continuously, when the vehicle is in use. This is a great safety feature that is not offered in older vehicles. As part of your employee training, you should provide a safety-driving course, which should include recommendations, such as driving with headlights on in low light and unfavorable weather conditions. Believe it or not, drivers have difficulty seeing oncoming vehicles and those in front of them, when it is raining, snowing or dark outside. The headlights should always be one when driving early in the morning, dusk and at night.

Hire An Attorney

Most businesses have their own personal attorney that is experienced in defense and plaintiff laws. These professionals will help protect your financial assets, if you are faced with a lawsuit. You can rely on the attorney to provide you with free consultations and litigation services whenever needed.

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