Tips on Passing Your Driving Test

Taking a driving test is a requirement before you can get your driver’s license. As exciting as it is, it is no easy feat and comes with a big responsibility. In addition to the driving test you have to pass the written driving test. With this in mind, you must not take this driving test for granted. Prepare for it and ace it on the first try.

Driving test is also known as the behind-the-wheel test or simply the road test. Since you will actually be driving during this test, you must be very extra cautious and highly prepared. In line with these, we have prepared some tips to help you pass your driving test on the first try.

Preparations Before the Test

Before you take the actual test, you need to practice. Secure a learner’s permit and use it when you practice. Take note that you must practice on the vehicle that you will use on the actual test. This will help you feel comfortable behind the wheel.

It is always great to drive around with a “driving partner.” It could be a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even a driving instructor. That “driving partner” will give you an honest opinion on what you should improve more, what to avoid, and so on. Use that feedback to improve your driving.

Here’s a tip: it is great to practice in empty parking lots. Office parking lots are normally empty during the weekends. While you are at it, borrow some orange cones so you can practice your parallel parking skills.

You can also spend time driving in the area where you will be actually taking the test. Generally, this will be the roads near the testing site. So drive around those roads before your scheduled test. Pay attention to the road signs, speed limits, potential hazards, and other important details. Familiarizing yourself with the route will help you be more comfortable during the actual test.

Another option is to employ the service of a practice test or driving training company. With the help of professionals, you will be properly as to what the driving test will be like. You will more or less know what to expect, so there would be no more surprises. Equip yourself with the proper knowledge, training, and actual road experience before you hit that driving test.

To prepare for the written test it is recommended to study the DMV handbook and practice a lot. There are websites that offer the DMV online practice test that will help you to pass the written test.

A day before the test

Make sure that everything is ready a day before the actual test. Give your vehicle a pre-test inspection at the test site. Make sure that your vehicle not only meets the minimum standard, but is working in great condition. Check the brake lights, the headlights, the blinkers, side mirrors, windshields, and tiers, among others.

Additionally, make sure that you know all the basic buttons of the vehicle. That way, turning on the signal, lights, AC, wipers, emergency brake, defrost, hazard lights, horns will come to you easily. Review everything, including your hand signals, so that you will be fully prepared for the actual test.

During the driving test

On the day of your driving test, make sure that you have double checked everything about your vehicle. Make sure that it’s in a great condition. Bring the vehicle you’ve used practicing. It’s easier to pass if you use an automatic.

As a reminder, make sure that you have fully understood the controls of your vehicle. Adjust the mirrors properly, wear a seat belt and drive to the testing site. It’s always advisable that you head on the test site early. This will help you prepare mentally for the test. It also gives you time to just relax and be comfortable.

Here are other things you must pay attention to during the test:

  • When there’s a vehicle in front of you, do not come too close. This is especially true when you need to break
  • Do not cross solid lines. This is very important. Crossing solid lines will result in automatic failure. So be extra careful with this.
  • Again, pay attention to the road signs. Obey all road signs. This is critical in passing the driving test.
  • When there’s a four-way stop, pay close attention to who arrived first. The rule here is first-come, first served.
  • Stay in the right lane. When you change lanes, always look over your shoulder and wait until it is safe to turn. Make sure that you use a blinker.
  • Use horn when necessary. For instance, use your horn when another car is getting too close or is coming into your lane.
  • Mind your speed. Maintain a constant speed and always reduce your speed when you are in school zones, parks or in other zones where reduced speed is required. Always watch for speed signs.

In sum, passing your driving test takes a lot of practice. Prepare not only for the actual driving test, but also for the days before the test date. Just drive safely and follow the rules and you will be fine.

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