What Makes a Visionary Business Leader?

direct-mail-marketingA truly revolutionary business leader change more than just their own company, they have a lasting effect on their industry or even the world as whole. While Henry Ford and Steve Jobs are household names, what made them so ground-breaking? Here are some thoughts on what makes a visionary business leader.

A great leader is flexible. The ability to sense change and adapt with it is an important part of what makes a visionary business leader. All of the great business leaders where not only on top of changing trends but often far ahead of them, knowing what consumers wanted before the consumers often did. One does not get this far ahead of the game by standing still. Adapting to changes without losing your vision is one of the corner stones of any legendary business leader. Adaptability is more important than ever before given today’s proclivity of industries be disrupted and changed overnight due to ever-shifting technology trends.

The importance of communication as a part of what makes a visionary business leader is frequently spoken of but rarely implemented. World-class business leaders know the importance of inter-organization communication. Not only is it important to be able to deliver your message effectively but you must also be open to criticism and suggestions. No one person knows all the answers and a truly intelligent and visionary leader recognizes this and opens themselves up to suggestions and ideas from all members of the team. A great communicator does not let their ego get in the way of growing themselves or their business.

There was a time when Steve Jobs was ousted from the very company that he founded only to triumphantly return years later and turn the then failing Apple into the revolutionary tech leader they are today. While most business leaders won’t have the dramatic rise and fall that Steve Jobs faced, all business leaders will face their own trials and tribulations. What will separate a standard business person from a visionary leader is their ability to learn from their mistakes and bad fortune. Being able to grow personally and to grow a business in the aftermath of adversity is what makes a visionary leader an inspiration to those around them.

The ability to take criticism and communicate your goals is crucial part of being a visionary business leader, as is being able to thrive in adversity. It is also important for any aspiring visionary business leader to be able to adapt to ever changing business climates. Today’s tech CEOs such as Elon Musk of Tesla/Space-X and Charles E Phillips, CEO of Infor embody these visionary qualities. While having a unique personality and style is a must for any visionary leader it is also helpful to keep in mind some of the common things that many visionary business leaders share. This is a great way to inventory of your own skills and weaknesses to help transform yourself into your industry’s next famed leader.

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