Why Your Business May Need a Translation Service

regrtgwwrtAre you currently running a company, and considering moving into foreign markets? If so, there is a lot to take into consideration. But what many businesses overlook when drafting expansion plans is the language barrier that exists between your home country, and the country you wish to expand into, or do business in. More often than not, this is an after thought to business leaders, who end up scrambling for translation services once proceedings have already started, and the wheels are in motion.

Why Translation Services Are Important:

Consider the above image – surely there is something lost in translation here! While this may be a humorous image, it has likely come about as a result of using something like Google Translate to do a job, which really should have been done by professionals. Modern technology is great, but it is not without its failings! Word for word, the translation provided by Google here may be accurate, but is not what the sign maker intended for it to say. It can be very easy to simply rely on modern conveniences, and better yet, if they are free like the Google Translate service. However, correct and effective translations are very important – even life saving. It is for this very reason that hospitals all over the world use medical translation services in their day to day business.

Even Government Departments Need Translation Services:

It is pretty safe to say that there are not many successful international or multinational businesses out there that have not availed of translation services, and who continue to do so. This is also true of Government Departments, who regularly deal with other countries on different matters. And within the European Union, where there are 50 countries speaking 23 different languages (and over 60 if you count minority & indigenous languages), translation services are in very high demand. Governments working on behalf of their people will often require technical translation services in order to work with other countries to achieve their common goals.

Translation For Website Localisation:

If you run a business, or carry out some of your sales via the web, and are looking to launch into foreign markets, getting the language right for those markets is pretty important. Internationalisation of your website allows you to use your website globally. Translation service providers can assist you with adaptation of your website for specific matters, offering advice on the language to use, and even of cultures and web behaviours for the market you are looking to break into. The tone, style and message of your web page can all be adapted to suit each specific market you are looking to do business in. Analysis of your current website may also be required, as issues such as pictures on your site may cause difficulties in other markets, for religious or cultural reasons. Even how your site is navigated can be an issue, as navigation habits differ greatly between Eastern & western countries, so a person from Europe may navigate websites in a totally different manner than a person from the Middle East would. Even the use of dates & times differ from country to country, not to mention currencies, so this all needs to be considered.

Why You Need Translation Services:

If your goal is to expand your business into other countries, you should not give a second thought to hiring a translation agency as soon as you can. This will prove vital to your success, and will show potential trade partners and customers that you are serious about business. Stumbling through correspondence comes across as amateur hour, and puts other businesses and customers right off. The most successful companies know this, and consider translation services as part of their key to achieving their goals in other markets. There is no better time than right now, to begin your research into what you want from a translation service. This will give you a head start, in getting ahead in your business expansion plans. So, leave Google Translate behind – it is fine for small tasks such as food menu items, but when it comes to business, your only bet is the services of a translation agency.

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