3 Reasons why Digital Marketing is Essential for B2B Companies [Infographic]

For some reasons, many B2B businesses fail to take advantage of the power of online marketing. While many B2B businesses rely on offline techniques such as cold calling, direct mail, and referrals, they are leaving tons of viable leads on the table by not using digital marketing. In this article, we’re going to touch on some of the reasons why every B2B company should consider harnessing the power of digital marketing today.

Digital Marketing is Cost Effective

Perhaps the number one reason why every B2B company should turn to online marketing is cost effectiveness. Some online marketing methods are virtually free and offer access to a large audience in minutes. According to Seorchers, online leads cost 68% less on average than offline leads. Some methods, such as pay per click advertising, only require you to pay for actual results, something no other offline method can offer.

Online Marketing is more Easily Trackable

One of the biggest issues with offline marketing is how difficult it is to track results. With online marketing, everything is marked down in clear reports. This allows you to see exactly where your marketing dollars are going and if you’re getting any results. Take online banner ads, for instance. With a billboard, you spend on a particular location and hope for the best without knowing from where new leads are coming from. You might end up paying to renew your contract thinking that the billboard was the reason behind the recent surge of sales, when in reality, it could be one of the various other methods you’re using that may be the cause.

With banner ads, you can use a special tracking URL that will allow you to know exactly who and when people click on your ad. You can even track the action of visitors after they clicked so you can see which ads actually lead to sales, leads, email subscriptions, etc.

This allows you to change or completely toss campaigns on the fly. No other offline marketing effort allows you do that. With mailing adverts, for instance, you are locked in for the number of offers mailed. There is no way to change your promotional material mid-campaign either.

Online Advertising Allows You to Build a Direct Contact with Your Audience

Contrary to what many people may think, current online marketing tools aren’t impersonal at all. While a lot of B2B revolves around direct contact, the gap between online and direct contact is closing by the minute. More business owners can be found online these days, and putting your ad or content before the right set of eyes could lead to more leads than you can imagine.


If you feel like you don’t have the skills to release relevant and powerful content you could always work with a digital marketing agency like Single Grain. They will help you target the right audience and build content that will be most suited for them.

These are just some of the reasons every B2B company should consider switching to online marketing. It is convenient, offers added flexibility, and is easily trackable. In addition, it is one of the best and easiest ways to contact potential clients.

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