Why Marketing Is a Career Path That Will Always Be In Demand

reregeSince the internet really took hold, and the accompanying advances in technology occurred, it became noticeable that certain industries and professions became almost completely redundant. You see far fewer travel agents, for instance, because most people arrange their vacations or business trips themselves online, and so don’t see the value in using somebody else’s service to find the best deals. You’d also be considered somewhat out of touch if you announced you were going to open a shop that sells the latest CDs, or a DVD rental business.

Careers That Technology Has Improved

Other industries, however, have been changed for the better by technology and the digital revolution. There are now many, many more options if you want to work as a software developer than there were just a couple of decades ago, and much more demand for marketing experts, given marketing has become a completely different beast since the advent of social media, search engines and mobile devices.

If you are a young person looking for a career that you can pursue for your whole life, or you are a professional who’d like to change careers, then studying for an online marketing degree with a leading college like Arizona State University could be a gateway to an interesting and stable career that won’t ever fall out of demand.

Marketing Strategy Is Essential

In the past, some businesses could get away without much marketing, beyond handing out business cards or having the odd special offer. If you opened a local business like a shop, hair salon or restaurant, people would simply see it there and consider trying it. Now, however, people have far much more choice and tend to do a lot of research before spending money. Your shop may have to compete with Amazon and eBay. Your restaurant will have been checked out on Yelp or other review sites before many of its reservations are made. For businesses that don’t even have a local physical presence, such as online businesses or businesses selling digital products, marketing is vastly more important even than for those kinds of businesses – because without it nobody would know they existed.

Marketing Innovation

Another reason why marketing will always be in demand is that marketing requires a significant amount of innovation, and that means new ideas and approaches will always be needed. The average person is now thought to see around 2000 promotional messages a day, and so it is important to the companies who want to market themselves and their products to find ways to ensure their messages are only seen by their relevant target audience, and that they can stand out from the general noise. While innovation often goes hand in hand with tech, this isn’t always the case, and new ways of using direct or telephone marketing can also help a company prosper.

Marketing is an industry that is likely to go from strength to strength in future, and which can allow you to work with all kinds of businesses, so why not start studying for your marketing degree online today?

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