Benefits of Corrugated Boxes in Product Marketing

rfefewrwThe success to business not only lies in the production of the particular commodity, but also how you market and distribute it. Packaging is very important because it creates an impression in the mind of the customer that you care for them and you only want the best for them. One of the packaging solutions that have survived the test of time and even technology is the corrugated box. It is arguably the most common distribution packages.

Recently, the true potential of corrugated boxes not only as a structural material, but also a marketing tool and a medium for innovative design has been discovered.

The Structural Aspect Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are fabricated from various paperboard materials bearing a wide range of properties. The flat sheets are usually creased, slotted, cut, bent, and then joined to form sturdy boxes that occupy minimal space when knocked down. However, when erected, these boxes can accommodate a large number of items.

These boxes are also light in weight, but also very strong. They combine effective beam and column strength with their minimal weight to form a rigid cell-type structure. The fluting medium which is used as a spacer in the corrugated board is important because it contributes a significant deal to flat crash resistance, bulge resistance, and edge compression.

The paperboard which is the raw material for making the corrugated boxes is made from fiber that is 100% biodegradable.

The Functional Properties

Use a corrugated box to protect your products during transit as well as in storage as the products are moved from the producer to the consumer. The smooth snag-free surfaces, secure closure methods, closely tolerance dimensions and easy design modifications contribute to the effectiveness of these boxes in distribution systems.

The product size, quantity and identity information, handling, shipping and user instructions imprinted on these boxes helps the products get to their destination rapidly and in good shape.


Depending on the needs of the respective sections of production and distribution, the boxes can be changed in shape, graphics and style to accommodate this. Their surfaces are smooth and easily printed which makes them ideal for instructional and decorative graphics.

Bright colors, strong graphics, and distinctive shapes easily catch the eye which can help impart a quick selling message. There are a lot ofoptions for retail boxes, especially with innovative graphics and designs. The corrugated boxes can effectively enable you market your product as well as gain counter and shelf space to sell your product.

These boxes can be printed in line illustrations, colors, half tons, color masses and dot patterns. Knowledge of the unique advantages and limitations of the printing processes used, the surface material, the distribution system needs as well as the nature of the marketplace are all considered by the graphic designers to enable them produce the best end result.


The ease with which the corrugated board flat sheets can be cut and formed into a wide range of package styles gives it unique versatility. The widespread use of die cutters and die cut styles has impacted on the corrugated box styles available and the functional features provided through package design.

These boxes may be slightly expensive on a per unit basis but they can offer significant savings both in total packing and in the distribution system.

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