Everything You Need to Know About Catering Your Conference

$T2eC16JHJGIE9nnWpiv1BRY0k3gt6g--_35Providing catering at a conference is necessary to keep attendees tended to and focused, but it can be a daunting process. Here are several of the most important elements to consider when planning catering for your next conference.

Find the right caterer for you! Every event is different and therefore calls for a different set of needs. Before you select one specific caterer it is essential that you explore your options. One site that helps find a variety of different catering options is Groupon Pages. Pages is a new branch of the popular website that provides users with detailed descriptions of restaurants and bars. On it you’ll be able to find which options provide catering, and from there it will be much easier to select the right restaurant to take care of your event.

Consider the size of the event. Many catering companies charge customers a specific price per plate (or person); so it is essential to keep in mind the scale of your event when placing an order. Although ordering too little food can leave conference attendees underfed and unhappy, ordering too much can leave you with a lot of waste and high costs. Before you put together an order be sure to get a relative idea of how many people you’ll be expecting. It is also recommended to discuss the possibility of later changes to your menu before signing any contract.

Provide a variety of options. Many of your conference attendees may suffer from dietary restrictions, so it is important to consider a variety of different meal plans. Be sure to ask prospective caterers what they would recommend off their menus to feed attendees with allergies and other nutritional needs.

Consider Storage and Serving. The storage and serving of your catered meal is almost as important as the quality of the food itself. It’s important to consider exactly how you’ll be serving your meals to ensure that items are stored and prepared properly. If you’ll be serving a buffet consider the location of the buffet compared to tables. Make sure that a good amount of attendees can move through the buffet without becoming crowded. Plated meals also require consideration, as you’ll need to find servers.

Search for some deals. Catering can be an expensive element of a conferences budget, but you can shop smartly if you utilize Groupon Pages. The website will help you begin to determine a budget for your event, and as an added bonus you’ll also find access to a variety of coupons or saving opportunities!

Keep these tips in mind when planning your next conference, and your catering will become a much simpler element to plan!

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