How To Best Market Your Business Event

frfrfqrefeqrIf you’re planning a business event, then you want to optimize your chances of appealing to a wide audience of current and potential clients to garner as much attention and interest in your business and brand as possible. By doing so, you open the possibility of future sales and business contacts, building your company’s reputation and you may even reach audiences across the globe. Therefore, what better way to have people to see how your business works than by inviting a variety of influential individuals to come on site, spectate and ask questions? Perhaps you’re holding a speaking event at a venue to explain exactly what is you do or to voice your plans for future development within the company. Maybe you want to showcase a brand-new product or service. Whatever the reasons for the event, you’ll want it to run smoothly with the elements falling into a slick and uniformed fashion. After all, this event will be a reflection of your business’ capabilities and brand.

Promoting Your Business

Before the event, you’ll need to market and advertise that it is upcoming and in a such a way that missing the event is not an option unless your audience wants to miss out! The key is in the method of invitation; maybe you have a select few people in mind or perhaps you wish to cover all bases and invite as many individuals as you can, and as many as space at the venue will allow. If this is the case, then you’ll be requiring an online invitation maker that gives you complete control over how you want the invite to appear. You can use a simple yet bold template or design the graphics yourself and choose the format. Now is your chance to promote your business, and you need to ensure that you promote your event in light of your brand logo and recognition. Therefore, you’ll need to keep the colors and format in keeping with the feel of your business. If you run a cleaning company, then keep the presentation of the invitations clean, clear and minimal. If you run an innovative web development company, you can use bolder colors and more streamlined invitations.

Free Giveaway

Another idea for effective business promotion is to give an item away for free. You can do this perhaps by running a competition to win the item and announcing the winner at the event you’re holding. You can choose to give away a branded item with your business logo, such as gadget accessories including phone cases if you’re a tech company. Or you could perhaps gift a service or an experience, like a massage or a drive in a sports car if you’re in the trade of selling cars. It would be a great way to register interest and enthusiasm for the event. By giving away freebies, you also open the possibility of potential clients and attendees to your event sharing the information with their friends, business associates and even on their own social media channels. It will build the anticipation and excitement surrounding your event and could even improve the numbers who attend.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool and knowing how to use it to work for you is very important, so it’s vital that you let people know you’re holding the event over all of the platforms you use. You should think carefully about advertising the event across these platforms and social media channels and using appropriate hashtags and keywords on Twitter and Instagram. By utilizing the use of hashtags, especially on Twitter, you can reach a larger audience. It’s worthwhile to consider emailing current customers and any other individuals with the details of the event and prepare signage and flyers for posting around town. Don’t discount word-of-mouth advertising and you should ensure that any social media updates you make can be freely shared by your followers to increase engagement and possibly event attendees.

Find Your Demographic

It’s key that you understand your demographic and who you want to target to make sure you reach as many prospective customers as possible and figure out how best to get their attention. You can utilize online tools to research the profiles of those who most frequently visit your social media pages, so you should run an analytics test to find out the best ways to draw in and retain the intrigue of your demographic.

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