5 Lead Nurturing Tips for Post Event Follow Ups

Finally! After your stressful planning, diligence, and vigilance, your efforts finally paid off and you had a successful event. It’s a wonderful feeling, right? Yes, it is! But things don’t stop there. I bet you feel so proud of yourself, and you should be, but there is still a lot of work to do. You see, the event was just the beginning. Your marketing and event planning skills are now more essential than ever. Here are a few post-event follow up tips.

  1. Pre-Event the Post-Event follow up

It’s simple, just like you planned for the event, part of your plan for the event should be the post-event follow up strategy. You should have a plan laid out for how you are going to handle the post-event follow up. This will save you a lot of time and energy. You want to maintain the flow. Marketing is a flowing river that has to keep flowing.

Subsequent to the event, you should already know how you are going to follow things up, rather than wasting time wondering what to do after the event.

  1. Meet up with the gang

Unless it was a one-man band sort of event, chances are that you were working with others; as part of a team. After the event, you should sit down (as part of the post-event plan) with everyone who was involved in planning and facilitating the event and discuss how things went. Let everyone give feedback about the event, what concerns people have, and how successful the event was.

  1. Your Leads

Part of your event marketing strategy should be to set a waiting period after the event to follow up on your leads. During the event, it would have been a wise idea if you had collected phone numbers and emails. Better yet, if you had already acquired these details prior to the event. Contact your leads and learn how they are doing and what impact the event had on them. If they purchased any items during the event, you may want to know the degree of satisfaction they have as far as the item is concerned.

There is always something to follow up on, even if it’s just calling to find out how they are doing and informing them about your future plants. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be a phone call, email is just as effective.

  1. Goodies

Your audience took their time to plan, prepare, and attend your event. Albeit it may cost you some, the payoff will be worth it. Give your guests some token of appreciation for attending the event; something for them to remember you by. Particularly if the event was fruitful and somewhat special for them, they will remember you every time they look at the gift, if it was not edible. The main idea is to give a gift hamper or just something memorable to say thank you.

  1. Special Offers

Consider giving special offers to those who attended the event as a way of making things a bit personal. Let them feel special. This is a beautiful way of saying thank you and for encouraging your leads to consider you the next time you need their presence. You could do this separately as a thing on its own or you could give it as a goodie as suggested in the previous point. The choice is up to you.

During the event, you want to leave an impression and ensure it lasts for as long as possible with an effective post-event follow up strategy. It will help you with branding, exposure, and more sales.

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