How to Design a Custom Sticker Fit for Your Business

rggrtAn innovative custom decal design will stick with people long after they see it. Many people remember collecting cool stickers as a kid and still are attracted to the bright little displays as adults. If it catches their eye enough, they will seek out where to find one for themselves. These little marketing treasures can be placed on vehicles, bicycles, in windows, and other hotspots where a passerby or two is sure to stop, study the design, and remember your company at a later date.

Styles of Stickers
The styles of decals available include, double cut, kiss cut and cut out. Cut out stickers are great if you want specific shapes, such as if your business logo is a geometrical design. Double cut stickers allow for you to put additional information on the area around the peel-out sticker, such as a special annual promotion or an extra phone number. Kiss cut stickers are for smaller designs and come in sheets containing multiple decals, rather than individual stickers.

Designing Decals
Create custom stickers to highlight your new business location, anniversary sale, or just to get your name out to a larger target market. Upload your logo or a simple text to share your company’s philosophy with the rest of the world. For example, if you have a Green Business, create Earth Day stickers to hand out, with your website printed underneath a “Save Our Mother” quote. Whatever industry you work in, custom decals can be designed to reflect what is most important to you. Think about the personality of your target market and other potential customers to create stickers that will appeal to those you want to purchase your services or products.

Marketing with Stickers
Hand out stickers at industry events or community celebrations, such as trade shows, concerts, flea markets, and parades. Place them by your front register or front desk for customers to grab. Leave them with other businesses you network within your city. Create a few to advertise a local charity drive, with your company name printed somewhere on the decal, as well. Offer them for a small donation, with all proceeds going to the specific charity.

When ordering custom decals, have different sizes available, for those who want to place one on the bumper of their car, on the side of their bike, or front of their bike helmet. Work with designers at the custom decals and stickers company to choose different designs for different purposes. Everyone loves to add a unique sticker to their collection.

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