7 must-have motorcycle gadgets and gizmos to improve your rider experience

trgrtgrtFrom high-definition helmet cams to capture moments on the road, and Bluetooth headsets connecting you with your motorcycle buddy, to satnavs designed specifically for motorcycles, and mind-blowing speaker-less sound systems for helmets, here are seven cool pieces of tech for motorcyclists.

  1. Bluetooth headsets

If you’re a sociable biker and enjoy hitting the roads with your mates, it can be hard to communicate, especially over the roaring sounds of the engines. With Bluetooth headsets, you can talk to a fellow rider within a specific range, depending on the headset you choose.

Some headsets also allow you to listen to music and make calls while you ride, and others connect to satnavs so you can easily hear the directions. Some have automatic volume control that increases with your speed, so you can still hear the music clearly when you’re reaching high-speeds.

Of course, as a biker you may enjoy the roar of your engine and the absence of chatter, but these devices do come in handy if there’s an emergency or you need to speak with your mates quickly or want to point something out on the road.

  1. High-definition helmet cams

Similar to a dashcam for a car, helmet cams can capture moments on the road, but from a first-person perspective so you can truly re-experience the ride. Whether you want to analyse the footage to improve your rider performance, or share moments with your family and friends, helmet cams can be very handy pieces of tech for anyone spending a lot of time on their bikes. Memories fade after all…

Many motorcyclists use helmet-cams for safety reasons, which is very useful for capturing evidence in case of altercations or accidents on the road. GoPro’s can be a good option for their wide, fish eye lenses. These can range anywhere between £50 and £400.

  1. Touchscreen motorcycle gloves

Every biker knows how difficult it can be to use touch-screen devices when wearing gloves. Luckily, there are gloves specifically designed for bikers which allow you to use your touch-screen device without having to remove your gloves.

But if you don’t want to have to buy a new pair of gloves because you adore the ones you already have, or perhaps because you’ve recently bought some, there are textured stickers available which you can attach to your gloves. These stickers connect to the fingertips of your gloves, allowing you to use your smartphone, satnav and other touch-screen devices.

  1. Satnavs

Satnavs can be a distraction to any driver or biker, arguably more so for motorcyclists because they take your eyes off the road. Not to mention they can cause confusion if there is a time lag between what the screen shows and what’s in front of you.

But satnavs are available that are specifically designed for motorcyclists. These devices include a straightforward interface that is easy-to-use for gloved riders and feature a headset allowing you to hear the information, rather than having to look at the screen.

  1. Helmet sound systems

Thanks to built-in radios, CD players, and auxiliary inputs, listening to music in a car is easy, much easier than trying to do the same on a motorcycle. Luckily, there are motorcycle helmet speakers available which allow you to listen to music whilst riding.

There’s even a tag available which attaches to the back of your helmet and transforms it into a sound system. Created in Germany, the tag known as “Headwave” creates surround sound by utilising the helmet’s shell as a soundboard. It includes Bluetooth so you can connect it with whichever device you usually use to listen to music, and an internal battery that lasts between 6 and 8 hours.

  1. Auxiliary lights

Increasing your ability to be seen is very important on any road. Wearing reflective clothing, decorating your bike with reflective tape can improve your visibility, but so can auxiliary lights.

From LED to halogen driving lights, these lights increase your ability to see, as well as being seen. There are both universal and model specific lighting mounts available, plus turn signals, tails lights, and front lights you can fix to your bike to truly improve visibility.

  1. Bluetooth remotes

Being able to listen to music, take calls, and receive directions whilst on the road is great. But to do this safely, it’s essential that you’re not reaching in your pocket to change the song or the volume on your phone.

To avoid this, there are Bluetooth remotes which attach to your handlebars, allowing you easy access to adjust volume, skip tracks, change, pause and play your songs via remote.

Plus, if you own multiple bikes which you regularly use, these Bluetooth remotes also come with a handlebar mount, so you can easily clip it on and off, and use it with your other bikes. So, before buying tech, make sure you keep in mind which pieces of tech are easily transferrable to avoid buying more than you need.

As an added benefit, tech which is easily transferrable to multiple bikes should not affect the insurance. This is usually only affected if there have been any cosmetic modifications made to the bike. Even then, insurers will have to take into consideration whether these modifications increase the value of the bike and/or chance of theft.

Whether you want to listen to high-quality music whilst riding at high speeds, speak to your fellow rider with ease, or re-experience moments on the road, these seven gadgets and gizmos can help improve your rider experience and keep you safe on the roads.

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