How to Market a Product in a Highly Regulated Industry

Marketing is already challenging, but if you’re marketing in a highly regulated industry, with the vape marketing niche being one such example, you’ll face even more roadblocks. You’ll encounter difficulties when trying to reach your audience in a relevant and personal way and you’ll need to follow protocols for reaching consumers, particularly when there’s financial or personal information involved. So if you need some advice on how to market a product in a highly regulated industry, keep reading for a few helpful tips.


Be Aware of All of the Regulations

First off, you need to know about the regulations that are already in place for the industry that you work in. Even though it might seem like a good option to have just one person on your team who is the legal expert, you should have backup personnel who are also aware of what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed. By knowing the rules first-hand, you’ll be able to keep going even if your go-to person becomes unavailable.

Also be aware that regulations do change over time, so you will need to stay on top of what is new and what is developing in your industry. You can subscribe to updates that are released by the relevant regulatory agencies in your niche, and you can also find information from a variety of reputable and relevant news sources online.

Finally, you also need to be aware of the fact that regulations will vary around the world, so if you’re planning on marketing your brand in another country, you’ll have to learn those regulations as well.

Know the Content Marketing Methods That Work

When it comes to content marketing in a regulated industry, you need to know what rules to follow to achieve the best results.

First off, you should focus on marketing a lifestyle rather than a product directly. By marketing a lifestyle, you can discuss what consumers will need to purchase in order to achieve that lifestyle.

And, again, become an expert on the regulations of your entire industry, not just for your products and the products of your competition.

Increase the Time in Your Campaign Review Process

Whatever your marketing campaign review process currently is, add more time to it in order to ensure that you have the right experts review each of your campaigns, including those for social media. For example, if you ask your social media followers to post selfies of themselves drinking their favorite alcohol, it might not comply with the rules set forth by Facebook or the FTC. Always be aware of each organization and agency that will have a say on what you can legally do when marketing your brand online and offline.

With the right know-how and experience, you can effectively market any product in any highly regulated industry. Again, marketing in a highly regulated industry requires that you take extra steps that you wouldn’t need to take for a standard industry, but taking those steps will ensure you won’t encounter any problems and your marketing efforts will be successful.

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