How to Run a Quick and Affordable Marketing Campaign

Marketing is an essential component of any business, whether it be to sell a product or service, grow awareness of your brand, or help bring company profits higher. Yet planning and running a campaign can take up lots of time and money, which can sometimes be more detrimental to a business if it isn’t successful. Unfortunately, this can put start-ups and small businesses out the race, even if they have a ground-breaking product to offer. Luckily, there are many ways in which you can streamline the process, resulting in having a quick and affordable marketing campaign which sees great results.

Make a budget

The key to making anything affordable it by setting a budget. This will help you see where you can be liberal with spending, and where you need to cut back. If you are seeking to spend a small amount, you should ensure you have a backup fund penciled in so that you don’t encounter any nasty surprises along the way. As you go along, make sure you keep referring to your budget.

To start creating a budget, you should tally up all your expenses. You should include every output your business has, from employee costs and office rent to technology and utility bills. By making a budget, you can easily focus on your expenses while limiting the risk of you overstepping and falling into debt.

Send out emails

Email marketing has always been a great way to attract more clients, where you can see solid partnerships develop once you establish a connection. To start, you should carry out an email search address, where you can find the most reliable business email addresses from those you are hoping to market to. Before you roll out your campaign, it’s worth sending out a preliminary email with a catchy and personalized subject line. This provokes anticipation for your campaign, where you can show a sneak peek of what they can expect to see.

Personalization is key when it comes to email marketing. Nowadays people are notorious for ignoring emails, treating it as spam. Therefore, to reach your clientele, you need to catch their attention with something worth their time. If it’s their birthday, then send them a discount code that lasts for 24 hours with a subject line saying ‘Happy birthday, [insert name]!’ Reaching out via email is a fantastic marketing tool and can bring in many conversions, however, it needs to be done well.

Use social media

While email remains one of the best ways to market to clients, you should never neglect social media when it comes to bringing in loyal customers. The best thing about such platforms is that you can market to people across the globe in the space of a few short minutes, which can cost a small amount if you crack social media algorithms. Having great content posted, catchy advertisements, and by calling for engagement, you can see your campaign rocket in no time.

Think outside the box

Since before the days of social media, businesses have often reverted to inventive ways to get their name out into the world. These involve publicity stunts and ethical alliances, which people are more likely to be pulled in by and remember. In the modern day, it easier to pull this off on social media, where stunts and strong statements can help you make a great name for your business. In an age where going viral can be hugely beneficial, you need to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. Whether this is through video or a meme, whatever it is, if it works, keep at it! The more likes and shares you get, the more visible you become.

Partner with other brands

It may well be that your company is offering a product or a service that goes hand in hand with something a more popular and established company is offering. In many cases, you can reach out to such businesses to promote your product, where their huge following will be likely to see it. For example, if a fashion brand is dominating the industry, a make-up company can reach out to see how their influence can boost their marketing quickly and affordably.

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