How to Set Up a Successful Amazon Store

When you think of e-commerce, nine times out of ten, you’ll be thinking of Amazon. It’s a global leader in the sphere of online marketplaces, and most firms cannot afford to operate without featuring their products on Amazon as well as on their own websites. But there are smaller, more nimble firms that may not need to use their own website at all. Instead, they use Amazon to sell their products exclusively. Given Amazon’s huge audience, this is a wise idea. Here’s how you can set up an Amazon store on which you’ll sell your products.

Signing Up

Getting your business account set up on Amazon is easy. The system is designed to make it incredibly easy to get yourself logged in and registered as a seller and to begin uploading the details of the products you’re looking to sell. Remember that there are charges for different levels of Amazon use – for instance, you can pay more to be featured as a product, which may boost your sales. Once you’re set up with a brand name and logo, and your other key information filled in, it’s time to upload products to your store.

Product Listings

The key to an effective product listing is professionalism. One misspelled word or grainy photograph can seriously collapse the legitimacy of your whole store in the eyes of savvy consumers who have shopped on Amazon for years already. Make sure you’re taking product photos with a high-quality camera and that you’re taking time to finesse your product description and specifications. All this will require patience and some fine-tuning, but the end result will be more likely to tempt customers to add your products to their carts.

Reviews & Questions

Amazon has two key features that help consumers decide whether your products are for them. The first is the review: a key indicator of whether your product is living up to expectations. The other is the questions feature, through which consumers can ask you about the kinds of products you’re selling and you can answer them to be viewed by the public at large. These are both useful mechanisms to help you build trust in your store, especially as you’re starting off. Give reviews and questions your time in order to present your Amazon-based retail company as reliable and trustworthy.


Once you have the basics covered, it’ll be time for you to consider how you can boost your visibility and prominence on Amazon’s results pages. The key way of achieving this is through marketing on the e-commerce platform itself. You can go this alone by following the prompts provided by Amazon or you can instead trust your cash with an expert Amazon marketing company like the specialists at Nuanced Media. What you’re looking for is a guaranteed return on your marketing investment, which Amazon marketing firms are often able to offer you.

Making an Amazon store is remarkably easy, though perfecting it to the point that you’re making hundreds of sales a week will take some time. These tips will help you get there, securing the sales you need to support your business over the long term.

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