Key Advantages of Investing in Exhibition Stands

magazinum (5)An exhibition stand can be used at a trade show to help you to boost your brand awareness and this is an important part of any modern company’s marketing strategy. One of the key advantages to exhibiting at a trade show is that your audience are already interested in what you are offering, as people only attend shows that appeal to them. You will need to invest in a good quality portable stand and the range of Marler Haley Exhibition Stands is a great example of the type of stands you should look into buying. You will need to think carefully about what design you invest in, as some stands are suitable for using in a large space while others are more compact.

As well as promoting your brand, there are a number of other reasons why you should head to a trade show, including:

1.    To create a brand new database of clients

2.    To launch a new service or product

3.    To entertain your existing customers

4.    To generate media coverage

5.    To conduct market research on a specific product or service

The benefits of setting up an exhibition stand at a trade show are numerous but you will need to ensure that your stand represents an image of your company in a positive manner. This means that the stand shouldn’t be too small or overly large and you will need to think about how many people need to fit comfortably inside the stand when you purchase it.

Investing in a stand that can be used at exhibitions in different locations around the country is a great way to invest in something that you can be sure will pay off. Being able to create a visual presence to an audience of people who are already interested in your niche provides you with the possibility of doing everything, from boosting your brand awareness through to creating a new base of customers.

Here are a few of the most important things to consider when investing in a stand:

·      How will you light it

·      How easy it is to put up

·      How big or small it is

·      What you want to display

·      What colours you want to use

·      If you want to use graphics and text

It is important that your stand will catch your audience’s eye but this doesn’t mean you should necessarily invest in the biggest, brightest stand you can find. It simply means that you will need to take some time to ensure that your stall is nicely lit and uses an attractive colour scheme to grab their attention and then once they are inside, you will need to have staff who can talk to your audience to fulfil your purposes of attending, whether it be for research or to promote a new product.

Being able to reach out to a large audience without having to hook them in is invaluable to a wide range of businesses and you can even have a bespoke display stand made to suit your specific requirements.

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