Powerful Public Relations: Letting the Media Do Your Marketing for You

Public-RelationsPublicity is the oxygen that breathes life into your marketing campaign and helps you to raise awareness about your start-up business.

Getting media coverage is a proven strategy in promoting your company and helping it grow through greater recognition of your brand and product or service that you are offering. Every new start-up would love access to some high-profile media coverage but getting that coveted PR coverage is a challenge, so here is a look at some ways to hopefully get yourself noticed.

Good relations

The definition of public relations is that it is a term used to describe the art of being able to establish and promote a favourable impression with the public.

If you have a great product or service which customers have already show a great liking for, PR provides a good opportunity to cement and further that relationship by gaining some value publicity, which also adds some credibility to your venture at the same time.

If you use a PR consultant or company to help you gain some valuable exposure, there is often a perception that a publicist is simply there to secure media coverage for you rather than build a relationship that goes beyond a basic exchange.

Whether you decide to use a PR organisation or attempt to gain the exposure you want through your own efforts, it is worth remembering that both public relations and human relations in general, have one common theme, which involves building relationships.

This is the approach you should aim to take if you are going to gain regular media exposure through the power of PR.

Key message

A fundamental aspect of achieving PR success is being able to determine your key message and use it as a recurring theme that runs through the publicity you are able to generate.

If you offer an internet-based service and your primary message is to tell people that high quality Epsom ink cartridges can be ordered online for example, then reinforcing your USP or core message whenever you get the chance to mention this in the media, will help to build your business profile.

Setting goals

If you are a start-up business, it is necessary to set some clear goals on where you want to go with the company and to also set a timeframe for achieving these aims.

If you can decide what you want to accomplish with your launch and how much time you can afford to spend on trying to generate publicity for your business, this will help you set about trying to generate the publicity you are seeking, in a timeframe that allows you to be more focused on getting where you want to be in terms of sales and press coverage.

Work on a draft

Part of your PR strategy should be to have a draft media release already prepared for when you are asked to supply details of your story.

The media release should contain your key message and should ideally contain quotes from your chosen spokesperson, so come work on something that can make an impact if it is down to you.

PR is all about letting the media do your marketing for you if you get it right, so try to make the most of any opportunities you get to sell your business, especially as a lot of publicity like this is free.

John Sollars launched his printer cartridge supply company back 2002. The company has grown to be one the biggest suppliers in the UK. He enjoys sharing his business ideas online.

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