The Main Benefits of Digital Signage for Quick Service Restaurants

erfeToday, digital signage in quick-service restaurants is still not the norm, even though up to 70 percent of sales stem from digital signage in a drive-thru. However, this is going to change when owners see that qsr digital signage means higher profits. Static boards are not only expensive, they are difficult to update. Digital menu boards are the solution, and the benefits are now being seen in the drive-thru industry. Here are the top key reasons your qsr business can benefit from digital signage.

Easy Compliance with New Health Care Laws

If you had a static menu, the whole menu board would have needed to be changed when the law stated that restaurants that have 20 or more locations need to disclose the number of calories of each item on the menu. With digital signage, this could be updated in a matter of minutes while you stay compliant with the local, state and federal laws pertaining to food service.

Changing Prices and Menu Items

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can remove menu items and add new ones. If you have an integrated POS system, you can even do it remotely for one, two or several restaurants. You can set up your software to change the menu from breakfast, to lunch and dinner automatically. You can target foot traffic, students or late-night theatergoers. Digital signage makes it easy to have promotional items for a specific time or demographic, and these can be changed instantly.

Up-selling Becomes Automatic

Your staff no longer needs to ask each customer if they want a drink or fries with their order. The digital signage with POS integration can display complimentary items. The screen is high-resolution, so the attractive photos make the food look more appealing. Customers simply press on the item they want. One fast-food chain installed digital menu board in all of its locations in two cities and saw a 64 percent rise in sales the first year.

Eliminate Errors

An entire network of menu boards can be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection. You no longer need to face angry customers due to employee errors, inaccurate delivery costs and menu prices. From your home, office or the beach, you can monitor the system and control what visuals and messages the customers are seeing.

Entertain the Customer

You can add interesting or humorous text as entertainment on your digital signage to keep customers amused and happy while they are waiting for service. When they are entertained, many customers do not mind waiting. Digital signage is a good way to promote a brand or give the customer an interactive engagement to enhance the experience.

Consistent Branding

Restaurant franchises or brands that have several locations can have the same pricing and menu. There is no chance that the employees at one location forget to change the menu board. All locations have consistent menu boards.

Reduced Cost

Static menu boards need to be designed, printed, shipped and installed, all of which costs money. It may cost hundreds of dollars to change a printed menu. Digital signage lasts for years, is less polluting that static signage and has simple maintenance. It is like uploading a photo to Facebook. While digital signage may cost more at first, studies in the U.S. show that some restaurants recoup the cost in six months after installation, and most recoup the cost after one year. The digital signage gives a sales boost of 10 – 50 percent, which helps you recoup the initial cost even faster. After that, it is pure profit.

Company Communication

Digital signage can be used for communication with staff for news flashes or training purposes. Pre-recorded training videos can be set to play in several locations at a particular time.

Local Support

Digital signage can display local news, high school events and sporting events to support the local community. This goes a long way to bringing local customers. For any business and especially the restaurant business, supporting the community is one way to give back to the people. Local customers alone can keep a restaurant afloat.

Digital signage solves a wide array of signage and menu problems, and allows for customer entertainment and employee training.

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