Why Should You Incorporate Magento 2 Customer Groups?

The first thing to understand if you want to run a successful ecommerce business is that each of your customers has different needs. You will be dealing with customers from all over the globe. Some will be part-time customers, while others are loyal customers who stick by your side all year round. Their style and preferences are different too not to forget their capacity. One thing that remains constant is that they are your customers, and you need to offer them the best customer support.

How do you do this and ensure that each customer gets what s/he deserves? Creating a unique shopping strategy with Magento 2 customer groups is the most effective way to go about it. With the feature, you can efficiently address a particular group and create content that matches everyone’s needs and expectations. This feature comes with a range of benefits, and some of them include;

You can easily reward your loyal customers

As mentioned earlier, you will have customers who only shop from you from time to time, but then, you have those that have been with you throughout the journey. These are the kind of customers that would rather wait for you to restock a particular product rather than getting it from any other shop. Don’t you think they deserve a reward? It is up to you to show them just how much you value their loyalty and Magento 2 customer groups feature makes this easier for you. You can easily offer preferential pricing to such customers by referring them to discounted prices that are only visible to them. The grouping allows you to select the customers that can view the costs, and you may also set the minimum and the maximum number of discounted goods that each can get.

You can create separate content for wholesale customers

You no longer have to wait until a customer reveals that they are buying goods in bulk for you to offer a discounted price. With the Magento 2 grouping feature, you can customize content that matches the needs of the wholesale buyers and offer them a reduced price that is only visible to them. You can provide different prices for specific categories and products, and this makes the sale process easier both for you and the buyers.

Customize tiered pricing

Tier pricing is a feature that allows you to define prices per unit based on a particular category or range. The feature is meant to encourage your regular customer to keep shopping and buy the best quality products that fit a specific price tier.

It is mobile-responsive

The other significant benefit and reason why Magento 2 customer groups is preferred is its mobile responsiveness. Today, nearly everyone has a smartphone, and they prefer using their phones to computers while shopping. This grouping feature is mobile responsive, and it means that your customers can easily shop under their segment and view whatever is visible to them without the need for a laptop or desktop.

Make the shopping experiencing exciting both for you and your customers by shifting to Magento 2 and enjoy these benefits and more.

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