With RTB, Advertisers Can Optimize Their Advertisement for the Best Results

When the latest innovations in the online world are discussed that had evolved within the arena of the advertisement domain, RTB advertising is to be given a special mention. This process revolutionized online advertising operations and it has proved to be among the most effective and low cost techniques for getting into the online advertisement space.


Who is involved in it?

The RTB advertising process involves the participation of three parties, the bidder or the advertiser, the publisher and the intermediary role is played by the advertisement exchange that connects the other two parties.

  1. The process starts with clicks to the website of the publisher that raises automated bid request. These requests comprise of the generic and the surfing history of the visitor and this information gets passed to the advertisement exchange.
  2. These exchanges then register the requests and it becomes available to millions of online bidders online.
  3. The prospective parties go on bidding and eventually the highest bidder is awarded with the advertisement slot on the website of the publisher.
  4. These biddings are done on per-impression basis which is drastically different from the traditional ways like static bidding that involves bidding upon collective data. Thus the orientation of this process is completely different from its conventional counterparts.

The RTB bidding process has evolved to be very beneficial to all the concerned parties. While it enables the advertiser to make the optimum uses of the advertisement slots and the budget for the advertisement purpose, the publisher is benefited by optimizing the best of the costing for offering the advertisement slots. The exchange, playing the role of the intermediary gets benefited by improving its operational awareness.

Growing popularity

This wide popularity of the RTB advertising process has triggered the emergence of various specialized service providers to enter the space. Companies like Adroll, Appnexus, Retargeter, Rocketfuel and others all have their unique selling points. I like Bidable because it offers a simple self-serve platform, but many of my fellow advertisers have preferences for some of the other companies mentioned.

Whatever platform you use, make sure this organization also provides analytics and report generated on real time basis for the performance of the advertisement online. These reports enables the advertiser to closely and constantly monitor the performance of their advertisement campaigns and in cases that the exciting content is not that productive, even the buyers can change it with immediate effect.

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