Low cost marketing techniques

email-marketingIf you’re starting up a new business or you’re simply looking for ways to save money with your marketing, then there are a number of methods that you should be considering. Some marketing techniques take effort rather than money, so if you have some time to invest then you could build a low cost marketing strategy by looking into some of these ideas.

Maximize Social Media

You might already have a Facebook account set up for your business but are you using all of the social media platforms that could appeal to your target audience? There are numerous platforms available and they are all free to set up accounts for. The best thing is that you can create content and share it across multiple social media platforms using the likes of Hootsuite or similar ways to easily and quickly manage all of your social media platforms.

Use data wiser in your email marketing campaigns

The best way to get ROI on your email marketing is to develop segmented, targeted campaigns. By putting more time into collecting data that you can use to create segmented lists and content, you will be more successful in your end result. Whilst it may feel time-consuming when you are doing it, the long-term benefits are huge. Personalized content has a much higher success rate in terms of click through rates and conversion rates.

Put more effort into finding out what makes your target audience tick. What do they need that you could help them with? Create content to appeal to them and show your expertise in your area. They will read or watch your content and then consider you to be their go-to person for any related product or service in the future.

You can collect data in many different ways, by sending out surveys or even just making notes when you find out something about a contact. Data is very important in enabling you to be able to build content that appeals to a particular person, so keep this in mind.

Use free video marketing

The use of video is highly effective for marketing, it provides an opportunity to give a quick snippet of information in a way that is easy to absorb. Look at the popularity of Facebook videos or YouTube videos, they are used all of the time to gain audience attention. Facebook Live is relatively new but used the right way could be a great way to broadcast a short advertisement for your business.

When we say advertisement, that’s not implying that you need to invest in video editing software and hire a PR team that will develop scripts. If you have a part of your service that could be recorded and give a good summary of what you do, then you can have totally free video marketing. As an example, if you run an exercise class, taking a 30 second video of your spinning class could get lots of attention, especially if you have loud music in the background.

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