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The introduction of the wide web has made life taken a turn for the better for the most part. The online platform has made the world a global community and seen the rise of numerous businesses with it. Along with the numerous things people have had the pleasure of enjoying from the internet, people have been given a chance at winning real prizes. This has made the wide web even more appealing. And since it is accessible by millions of individuals across the globe, this chance has not been limited to only a few.

Numerous industries have moved their business online since the introduction of the internet. As is the rule of business, most industries offer clients real prizes to entice them to indulge in their products. As for others, offering prizes is what they are about. One of these industries is the gaming business. There are numerous games that a player can indulge into walk away with actual prizes, the most common being online games. In most cases, these prizes come in the form of real money. Below is a review of some games that come with such offers.


Games that Offer Real Prizes

  1. Lottery

The lottery is one of the oldest and widespread ways people try their luck at winning real money. Lotteries have been known to carry some of the biggest payouts in the gaming business, with jackpots going as high as hundreds of millions.

However, the downside to the lottery is that it is a negative expectation game. The odds a so low that the chance of you winning a lottery in your lifetime is one in twelve thousand. The numbers provided are usually generated randomly. However, various strategies can be employed to improve your chances of hitting the jackpot amount. They include:

  • Go for the smaller jackpots. The smaller the jackpot is, the higher your odds of winnings. This is why small jackpots are often won while the huge jackpots could remain untouched for months. Even though the amount may not be as lucrative as the one featured in the mega jackpots, they are better than nothing at all.
  • Study the odds. Different lotteries feature different odds. The higher the odds are, the better your chances of walking away a winner. Make a point of studying the odds before buying a raffle ticket. In most cases, lotteries that are held nationwide have fewer odds due to the high number of people making entries. Therefore, aim for local lotteries, where you can even buy the ticket within the area. That way your chances will be better
  • Purchase a couple of raffle tickets. Such a purchase will not change the odds and will cost you more money, but your chances will be better.
  • Remember to check your numbers carefully. There have been cases of people missing out on huge payouts because they misread the numbers on their raffle tickets. This is a mistake you should avoid at all costs.
  • Indulge in second chance games. Your lottery ticket number may not match the final jackpot number, but that does not mean you have lost all chances at a win. Most lotteries come with second-chance games where players get to draw their numbers and use the same ticket as an entry. The payout may be lower than that of the jackpot, but it is well worth it
  • Steer clear of scammers. This will not help you earn any money, but it will help you avoid losing it. Ensure that you purchase the ticket from the right personnel, within the state that is running the lottery, and always check the winning numbers yourself.
  1. Scratch cards

Scratch cards are among the simplest games that are enjoyed online. As suggested by the name, all you have to do is purchase a card and scratch it to reveal the hidden icons. Rewards are given depending on the number of matching cons that are revealed on the card.

Scratch cards gameplay is straightforward, and no strategy has to be employed to play. Most gaming platforms with scratch cards offer a coin selector option to allow the player to choose the wager to be placed on the scratch card. In most cases, a (-) and (+) button or up and down arrows will be provided to manipulate the amount. Mostly, the scratch card wagers lie between one dollar and twenty dollars. It is important that you select a wager that is well within your limits.

Once you have chosen the wagering amount, proceed to select the new card option. A scratch card will be presented with the symbols hidden between a grey mark. You can choose to scratch it off yourself using your finger on the screen or select the SCRATCH option provided. The latter is the fastest, but some take joy in having to do the scratching themselves.

The symbols that are revealed act as multipliers. If you get the number one three times, you are awarded the amount of your full bet on top of the wager itself. Scratch cards can multiply your winnings by as high as fifty. However, all the three icons displayed have to match for you to be eligible for a win. The best way to increase your chances of winning in scratch cards is to study the price points that are offered and select the one that works best for you. Also, steer clear of the mystery prizes that are offered as they could end up costing you all your winnings. Additionally, as with all games, it is best if you walk away from the game while you are still ahead.

  1. Keno

In the gaming scene, keno is one of the highest paying games even if it demands some of the lowest bets. Therefore, if you are looking to win big without putting too much money on the line, keno is the perfect indulgent for you. The game purely depends on luck and requires no strategy like most other real money games. It works a lot like the lottery. The only difference is that players have better odds of hitting a win here than they do in the lottery.

Keno has managed to earn a massive following among online gamers due to the incorporation of poker, bingo, and roulette in their gameplay. The gameplay goes as follows:

  • Purchase a keno card online. These cards come in different variations such as additional bonus offers and jackpots. Therefore, choose one according to your needs
  • Choose your desired numbers from the various rows and columns provided. The limit on numbers you are allowed to select is dependent on the establishment of your choice. Some could go as high as twenty numbers. In most cases, the limit will be indicated on the card
  • Select the wager you would like to place on the card. In most cases, the maximum wager limit stands at twenty dollars for each game. The amount you will place will depend on the number of games you want to play. If you place a two dollar wager and select ten games, then the wager amount will total to twenty dollars.
  • Twenty balls with numbers on them will be selected. If your numbers appear on the balls, then you have won.

There are numerous ways people can win real prizes online, especially those that involve real money. However, it should be done smartly. Since big wins involve the placing of small wagers, you should know when to walk away: when you are ahead and when you have lost as much as you can comfortably handle. Any more than that could end up causing serious repercussions to your wallet.

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