Three Ways to Store Your Valuable Tools


Maybe you’re a busy mechanic who has a large collection of valuable tools to keep track of. Or, perhaps you love to tackle DIY projects in your shed and own several favorite tools you use on every project. Either way, you need a place to store your tools where they will be safe and close at hand. Checkout three ideas to consider.

A Pegboard

A pegboard can hang on the wall of a garage, shed or other structure. It is designed so you can hang your tools on it making them easy to get to. You can hang a container of nails on your pegboard just as easily as you can hang a hammer or a pair of pliers. This storage method allows you to see exactly what you have to use for a project.

A Tool Chest

A tool box or chest is a perfect option if you want portable, organized storage for your tools. An Excel tool chest is an example of an option that allows you to keep your tools in organized order leaving customers or visitors with a professional impression of your workplace at the same time. A tool box or chest is easily movable, so you can move your tools to your project instead of the other way around.

A Magnetic Strip

A magnetic strip is installed onto one wall. You simply hang your tools against the magnetic strip. Hammers, wrenches, clamps, drill bits and pliers are all examples of items kept on this type of storage item. If you have a workbench and you want your tools right in front of you where you can reach for them, then this method may seem appealing to you. Of course, you have to account for the number of tools you own when choosing the length of your magnetic strip.

Lastly, these are just three ideas for storing your tools. Consider how many tools you have and how you want to organize them before selecting your storage method. You want to get something that accommodates your needs and preferences.

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