4 Unexpected Challenges Small Business Owners Face

Most people recognize that starting a small business is a difficult undertaking. After all, if it were easy, everyone would do it. As it stands, it’s not, and many small businesses end up going bust within their first few years of operation. Some challenges associated with running a business are well-known; it’s reasonable to assume that most professionals understand starting a small business places a big financial burden on an entrepreneur. Other difficulties, though, can catch new business owners by surprise. With that in mind, today we’re going to explore four unexpected challenges small business owners face –– and describe how you can overcome them:


New business owners sometimes make the mistake of assuming that they’ll be able to convince other capable professionals to join their startup. A vision alone, though, probably won’t be enough to attract top talent. The unfortunate truth is that many experienced pros will stay away from new ventures as a general rule. What’s more, recent grads may struggle to even find job openings at a small business if the vacancies aren’t advertised properly. So small business owners need to be prepared to wait if they’re holding out for ideal candidates.

Legal Troubles

No one ever expects to need a lawyer. Yet, the reality is that business relationships deteriorate, partnerships end, and eventually, many small business owners will find themselves involved in some sort of legal dispute. Even relatively basic procedures can become very intricate and complex quickly. And common legal forms often vary from state to state; Illinois articles of incorporation differ from articles of incorporation in Missouri, for instance. When in doubt, small business owners should seek legal counsel.


So much commerce occurs digitally that entrepreneurs could be forgiven for underappreciating the value of a quality business HQ. Yet, picking the wrong office location for your company could make it difficult to optimize productivity and adequately promote your company. Remember, a workplace design has a big effect on employee performance and morale.

Stiff Competition

While you may have a distinct understanding of why your product is superior to similar ones on the market, consumers may not. What’s more, niche fields are generally more competitive than outsiders realize. Even great business ideas can wilt when pitted against established brands. As such, it behooves prospective business owners to study their competitors closely before they launch their new operation and to develop a plan to outshine their closest rivals. Failing to do so is inviting trouble.

Final Thoughts

Creating a viable business model is difficult enough under the best of conditions. However, the key to success is learning how to deal with less-than-ideal scenarios. If you’re able to adapt and roll with the punches when you first get your startup off the ground, odds are you’ll set yourself up to thrive later on!

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