6 Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

Whether you’re looking into scribe organizations as a business idea or considering opening up your own store, it takes a lot to succeed in the world of owning a business.

Here are 6 characteristics of successful business owners to help get you started!

Always a Student

Successful business owners know that they don’t know everything. They approach life as their teacher, and they are the student. These business owners are successful because they are constantly learning and reaching out for new information. Instead of living in a world where they believe they know it all, they explore new ideas, perspectives, and insights. This can be done through reading, conversations with others, and exploring the unknown.

Excellent Listeners

In order to grow as a leader in business, successful business owners know they have to master the art of listening. So often, people only listen in order to speak. What sets successful business owners apart is they know the power that comes with listening to others. This includes their peers, employees, and people who they don’t necessarily agree with. With great listening, comes great knowledge and power.


Open-mindedness is a hallmark trait of successful business owners. They know that if they’re closed off to experiences or perspectives, they are severely limiting themselves. Instead, they go through life with an open mind. These business owners know the world is filled with infinite possibilities. They welcome all that comes their way, without shutting anything down immediately.

Healthy Work/Life Balance

It’s important for everyone to have a healthy work/life balance. However, it’s a common misconception that successful business owners live to work. This just isn’t the case. After all, success in business means success in all areas of their life. They know that spending quality time with those they love and what means the most to them is just as important (if not more than) their work. A healthy work/life balance is key to cultivating a healthy mindset and wellbeing.

Focused & Efficient

Successful business owners are masters of focus and efficiency. Whether we want to believe it or not, these traits don’t just appear out of nowhere. It requires practicing focus through means such as mindfulness meditation and limiting distractions. Leaders in business choose their mindsets each day, and they have perfected the power of extreme focus and determination.


Self-awareness is one of the most challenging states to be in when we live in a world that’s so fast-paced and chaotic. Yet, successful business owners practice self-awareness regularly. They know they can be their biggest ally or their worst enemy. How do they know which role they are playing? It’s simple, by practicing self-awareness. Overtime, it becomes their natural way of being. Self-awareness is vital if you want to succeed in your business endeavors.

The Rundown

We’ve included just a few characteristics of successful business owners. However, there are many more practices you can implement into your life if you want to become a positive leader in the world of business. By starting with the few listed above, you’re well on your way to becoming the business owner you’ve always dreamt of!

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